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How the cassettes and the intensifying screens inside are maintained contributes to how much radiation a patient receives and the quality of radiographic images.
Foregoing the use of intensifying screens permitted direct exposure of the film and produced images with less contrast, wider latitude and more visible detail.
Because the photographic film was not used with an intensifying screen, its slower speed make it less susceptible to the less-than-satisfactory ambient temperatures and humidity.
Minus-density artifacts often are called shadow images because the area of reduced density on the film is due to dirt or dust blocking the path of light from the intensifying screen to the film emulsion during exposure.
The radiographic test cassette contains a sensor that duplicates the energy response of green and blue rare earth, two of the most commonly used intensifying screen phosphors.
Tenders are invited for Supply of lead intensifying screen radiography lead intensifying screen 0.
The plate looks like a conventional intensifying screen, and it is placed in a cassette that looks like a conventional screen-film cassette.