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The normalized equivalent stress intensity factor solution can be used for estimation of fatigue lives in a fatigue crack growth model under mixed mode loading conditions (Asim et al.
The influence of water temperature and accelerometer-determined fight intensity on physiological stress and reflex impairment of angled largemouth bass.
It is also noteworthy that body weight and waist circumference improved similarly across all active groups, regardless of intensity or duration of exercise.
It was found that men ate fewer calories after the high and very high intensity workouts compared to the times when they rested.
007) had significant decrease only in the group with moderate exercise intensity before and after 8 weeks exercise.
Yet LED inspection at ICT has been hampered by poor return on investment because of lengthy test times and inconsistent test results for color and intensity.
An Ocean Optics USB4000 Miniature Fiber Optic Spectrometer is used for intensity measurements.
Consistent with their predictions, Paige and colleagues found that Vietnam veterans with PTSD had significantly reduced P2 amplitude intensity slopes compared with veterans without PTSD [1].
It became apparent to us that intensity as a global concept correlated highly with other "global ideas" of good teaching.
Now there is evidence of a new risk: a report in the August 2003 issue of Arthritis & Rheumatism suggests that the surface intensity of UV radiation may affect the clinical and immunologic expression of myositis, an autoimmune disease that causes chronic muscle inflammation and weakness and afflicts about 30,000 Americans.
Since 1981, Nigeria's energy intensity (energy consumption per US dollar of GDP, according to 1995$) has remained relatively stable at around 8,500 BTU.