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Located along the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire, Taiwan uses an intensity scale of 1 to 7, which gauges the degree to which a quake is felt in a specific location.
Analytical stress intensity factor solutions for continuous welds in lap-shear specimens with idealized weld geometries were presented in Amodeo and Pan [15].
Energy intensity is ratio of the amount of energy required to produce a unit of gross domestic product (GDP).
Fight intensity was correlated with fight duration-- longer fights had higher total acceleration intensities, but lower average intensities.
Theory and numerical modeling simulations suggest that increases in the mean potential intensity (Bister and Emanuel 1998; Emanuel 1999) of the environment through which tropical cyclones track will cause mean tropical cyclone intensity to increase (Emanuel 2000; Kossin et al.
The researchers looked at both amount and intensity of exercise in various combinations and then measured abdominal obesity and glucose tolerance in 300 obese adults.
The trial revealed that high-intensity interval training is safe in heart transplant patients, and the effect on exercise capacity and blood pressure control is superior to moderate intensity training.
devices feature a A 60A angle of half-intensity and a luminous intensity ratio per packing unit of less than 1.
Some studies have shown that high intensity exercise is linked to appetite suppression and changes in hormones that regulate hunger and fullness, but the new research found different effects on those hormones among the various exercise regimens.
Samples were randomly divided into 3 groups with high exercise intensity ([VO.
Light intensity, and to a lesser extent color, will suffer a loss when transmitted through a medium (FIGURE 1).
An Ocean Optics USB4000 Miniature Fiber Optic Spectrometer is used for intensity measurements.