intensity of expression

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He was corpulent and rosy, and though his countenance, which was ornamented with a beautiful flaxen beard, carefully divided in the middle and brushed outward at the sides, was not remarkable for intensity of expression, he looked like a person who would willingly shake hands with any one.
Duke writes of changing raw emotion into a sacred ritual using rhythm, pitch, and timbre to achieve clarity, intelligibility, and intensity of expression.
HistoRx' AQUA image analysis technology can be used for quantitative assessment of protein expression in fixed tissue by measuring the intensity of expression in a particular cellular compartment, such as the cytoplasmic or nuclear compartment.
The increases in the percentage of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (from nine patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia [CLL]) expressing CD25 (%P), the intensity of expression per cell (MFI), and the product of %P and MFI were used to study the effects of cytokines on CD25 expression as compared to appropriate controls.
The band is Adam O'Farrill on trumpet, Matt Mitchell on piano, Francois Moutin on double bass and Rudy Royston on drums, and the music is thoroughly 21st century in its sound and style while sharing bebop's intensity of expression and instrumental dexterity.
They also focus on intimate details, like the way the dancers hold each other, the intensity of expression on their faces and the different turns and swerves of their bodies and clothing.
But why, when he says this, does he have exactly the same intensity of expression he applies for soundbites on teenage dads, ministerial scandal, diplomatic crisis, global warfare and pestilence or how well Slumdog Millionaire does at the Oscars?
That's undoubtedly the case--and yet it was a solution that allowed for tremendous intensity of expression.
Vachon and her team examined expression of aromatase in the biopsy samples and found that the stromal cells in dense breast tissue had more aromatase and intensity of expression in dense tissue, compared to non-dense.
Next, inter-rater reliability for intensity of expression was examined for PEEX.
of Patients (%) Extensiveness 0 (<5%) 1+ (5%-32%) 102 (30) 2+ (33%-66%) 82 (24) 3+ (>66%) 52 (16) Intensity of expression 0 (negative) 101 (30) 1+ (weak) 102 (30) 2+ (moderate) 47 (14) 3+ (strong) 114 (34) Combined score * 0 (negative) 84 (24) 1+ (1-2) 64 (19) 2+ (3-4) 90 (26) 3+ (5-6) 105 (31) Histologic type Adenocarcinoma (n = 187) 151 (81) Squamous cell carcinoma (n = 88) 69 (78) Large cell carcinoma (n = 60) 33 (55) Adenosquamous carcinoma (n = 8) 6 (75) * Combination of extensiveness and intensity of expression.
The newly constructed measure also can be used to determine the intensity of expression.

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