intensity of expression

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He was corpulent and rosy, and though his countenance, which was ornamented with a beautiful flaxen beard, carefully divided in the middle and brushed outward at the sides, was not remarkable for intensity of expression, he looked like a person who would willingly shake hands with any one.
Kohari complements his figures with uninhibited splashes of colour that enhance the intensity of expression both of the artist and the characters he paints.
Given both the high level of expression and the intensity of expression across this patient population, identifying a potential population for gpNMB enrichment is not feasible; therefore, all patients with metastatic melanoma could be evaluated as potential candidates for treatment with glembatumumab vedotin in future studies.
The experiment took the form of a 2 x 2 x 6 design, with intensity of expression (apex/low), order of sequence (ordered/shuffled), and six facial expressions (happiness, sadness, anger, disgust, fear, surprise) as the within-participants factors.
Specimens were separated into groups based on the intensity of expression (none/low and moderate/strong) and tumor size (TNM categories Tl/T2and T3/T4).
The band is Adam O'Farrill on trumpet, Matt Mitchell on piano, Francois Moutin on double bass and Rudy Royston on drums, and the music is thoroughly 21st century in its sound and style while sharing bebop's intensity of expression and instrumental dexterity.
Emotional expressions are reactions that vary in their temporal characteristics (Buss, 1991; Denham, Lehman, Moser, & Reeves, 1995; Hudlicka, 2002; Losonczy, 2001; Strelau, 2008), such as latency in responding, intensity of expression, and duration of expression.
They also focus on intimate details, like the way the dancers hold each other, the intensity of expression on their faces and the different turns and swerves of their bodies and clothing.
Significant correlations were found between prototypicality and intensity for all emotional conditions, which is consistent with previous findings showing that prototypicality is linearly related to intensity of expression.
In short, the results of the present study are relevant because they indicate that the effect of the addition of motion may vary depending on the type of emotion, intensity of expression and sex of the participant that evaluate the face.
But why, when he says this, does he have exactly the same intensity of expression he applies for soundbites on teenage dads, ministerial scandal, diplomatic crisis, global warfare and pestilence or how well Slumdog Millionaire does at the Oscars?
That's undoubtedly the case--and yet it was a solution that allowed for tremendous intensity of expression.

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