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During the DCCT, intensively managed patients were three times more likely than those conventionally managed to experience an episode of severe hypoglycemia, including seizure or coma.
As long as people want affordable, abundant and wholesome food, the few of us working the land will have to farm intensively.
These clients will be closely monitored, and the Ministry will work with them intensively to determine why they are not finding work.
The American workforce seems to be toiling more intensively then ever before.
The United States also says it will begin negotiating a free trade deal with Colombia and with Peru in 2004 and will work intensively with Ecuador and Bolivia to include them in the agreement as well.
That area has been one of the most densely populated and intensively cultivated regions of Europe for at least 6 millennia, says Bradshaw.
Testifying behind a screen to protect his identity, an FBI special agent told a stunned House and Senate joint intelligence panel on September 20th that two weeks before the 9-11 attacks he had begged his superiors in Washington to begin intensively searching for one of the men who was among the hijackers who crashed a jetliner into the Pentagon.
Nurses selected for the program will work intensively for up to six months with a mentor in a Society-affiliated MS specialty clinic.
In the United States, domestic plantations and other intensively managed forests will play critical roles by producing high-value wood with superior properties that meet the needs of manufacturers and their customers.
It intensively engaged the given architecture without altering it.
Why not take marginal land, that might not otherwise be used, and grow and manage it intensively so we can grow trees rapidly to satisfy demands for fiber," says Rick Meilan, the associate director of the consortium.
In the guidance, EPA states that the agency looked intensively at foundries in two regions and found the facilities to be in "significant non-compliance" with RCRA permit requirements, including units without permits and the inappropriate shipment of wastes to non-hazardous waste landfills.