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The most important reasons behind this trend is the time intensiveness of golf (one round lasts for up to 4 or 5 hours), the deteriorating financial conditions, and, not negligibly, the effect of the negative changes in the exchange rates.
Geographical information systems (GIS) are an effective tool for various analyses related to environment protection, and therefore may be successfully applied for determining the intensiveness of possible erosion (Surda et al.
The previous solid, fibre-reinforced plastics doors were heavy and required long lead times because of their labour intensiveness.
The capital intensiveness of branchless banking - both at service-provider and service-receiver ends - and poor literacy rate stand in the way of a full-blown impact of revolution.
The other long term factor affecting the substitution of other foods for meats is the resource intensiveness of meat production.
At the same time, women with CHC pointed to the intensiveness of ache with more emotional components.
The labor intensiveness has remained despite the introduction of automated systems for different individual processes, reflecting that steps, such as sorting (eg, labeling and sorting slides for distribution to the pathologists), are time-consuming processes that cannot easily be automated.
If he is to achieve both ambitions will need to keep up this intensiveness of his training while studying for four A-levels, in maths, history, chemistry and biology.
The situation may escalated, but intensiveness of violence and clashes lessened.
1996; Joe & Simpson 1993); (3) adequately high methadone dose (Magura, Nwakeze & Demsky 1998; Joe & Simpson 1993), defined as methadone above100 mg/day (Peles, Schreiber & Adelson 2006); (4) psychosocial treatment consisting of setting accurate goals (Joe, Simpson & Hubbard 1991), intensiveness, attendance, long-term commitment and good rapport (Joe et al.
The usefulness of these examples of conducting experimental functional analysis in school settings has been evident in the outcomes produced, although issues related to time intensiveness, deviations from clinical protocols, involvement of paraprofessionals, etc.