intentional act

See: overt act
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Although the Norris decision may at first seem irreconcilable with the intentional act exclusion's language and rationale, the Arkansas Court found coverage under the facts of the case because of the nature of the injuries and their causation.
Given this, although the Civil Rights Act of 1991 calls for an intentional act, and almost all employment actions include some form of intent, no EPL insurer should reasonably contend that there is no coverage available for an award of Title VII compensatory damages.
For example, the New Mexico Supreme Court held there should be no comparison of fault between an employer who negligently hires an employee and the employee who later commits an intentional act.
In this notification, it was stated that any intentional act to destroy, deface or change and imperil the Protected Heritage or to build or near the cultural and heritage buildings or other antiquities of our our province, serious action and will be taken because it is crime under the act 1994.
Fraud is an intentional act to deceive someone of assets.
The fine dust is the result of China failing to manage industrial policies, not an intentional act to irritate Koreans.
He referred to the concepts of misinformation and disinformation, highlighting the latter as an intentional act to spread [misleading] stories or views.
Egypt's Foreign Ministry has previously considered that evaluation a "partisan" and intentional act of negatively interpreting the situation.
The questions of whether an injury is the result of an accident and whether coverage is excluded because the injury is the result of an intentional act are, for all practical purposes, identical issues.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told reporters early indications are that the explosion at 23rd Street and 6th Avenue in Manhattan that injured 29 "was an intentional act.
For most of us and probably for most of our Bar, I don't think it's an intentional act on our part not to promote gender equality or diversity.
This is an intentional act and is because of the results of the municipal elections.

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