intentional act

See: overt act
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The UDC leader said poverty was an intentional act used by the BDP to control people as with meagre salaries, the majority cannot afford decent lifestyles.
Jomo is the intentional act of being content with the choices we make-most often, one that involves disengaging from the virtual world and being content and satisfied where one is.
Like Duterte, Go said he, too, is waiting for the result of the ongoing investigation of both the Philippine and Chinese governments to "determine exactly whether the collision was a maritime accident or an intentional act on the part of the Chinese vessel."
"He did indicate that it was an intentional act. He did not express any remorse as far as we can tell." Witnesses told police that Peoples appeared to speed up as he neared the crosswalk.
The driver will likely face, at the least, a charge of assault with a deadly weapon as part of an intentional act, according to the ( San Francisco Chronicle . 
A all Welsh three-man disciplinary committee - Owain Rhys James (Chair), Richard Cole and Nigel Williams - concluded that Lee had committed an intentional act of foul play.
Summary: He denied the molestation charge at the Court of First Instance, claiming it was not an intentional act.
[I]f enforced as written, [it] would impose a joint obligation on insureds not to cause intentional loss, and would thus preclude any recovery by Aquino as a consequence of the intentional act of Pastrana.
'Crossing of wadis and failure to abide by the instructions of ROP would nullify the rights of the policyholder for compensation if it is proven the damage to the vehicle is caused by an intentional act of the driver,' Capital Market Authority cautioned.
Initial investigation revealed that this was an intentional act on the part of the 18-year-old subject.
Mustafa Mustafa, d/b/a Burleigh Liquor<br />Case No.: 2018 WI 47<br />Focus: Insurance Claim Coverage <br />In this insurance coverage dispute, we consider whether a business-owners liability policy covers a negligent supervision claim arising out of an alleged employee's intentional act of physically punching a customer in the face.
In this notification, it was stated that any intentional act to destroy, deface or change and imperil the Protected Heritage or to build or near the cultural and heritage buildings or other antiquities of our our province, serious action and will be taken because it is crime under the act 1994.

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