intentional distortion

See: lie
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Raskolnikov smiled at the exaggerated and intentional distortion of his idea.
That means the Brady Bunch's implication that 3000 children's lives could be saved if parents would "just ask" about guns is an intentional distortion and it is untrue.
There also appears to be intentional distortion of the research process by fabrication, text omission and manipulation of another's manuscript.
It's not clear yet whether the latest fuss has been caused by the minister's slip of the tongue or Japan's intentional distortion.
This intentional distortion of popular voting, transformed the government which emerged from the elections in Lebanon into a caretaker government, and forced the Iraqi government to wait for many months after the elections were held before being formed.
Formerly an artist in Canada, Davidson drew on animorphosis, production of intentional distortion, to develop the technology in collaboration with Rose-Hulman Ventures.
And Green, the former News-Democrat editor, said he did not see any intentional distortion of the news content when he was there.
Cartographers shifted from a preoccupation with the imperial pretensions of rulers, which might require intentional distortion of distances and land-mass configurations, to reliable depictions of geographical features -- as best they knew and had the capacity to express -- to facilitate the operations of the joint-stock trading companies that rose to such importance by the early seventeenth century.
The Star built its series on what at best was a manipulative and at worst an intentional distortion of health statistics.
The right of integrity is the right "to prevent any intentional distortion, mutilation, or other modification" of an artist's work which "would be prejudicial to his or her honor or reputation even after title has transferred.
I distrusted fiction, feeling the term 'something made-up' argued an intentional distortion of the 'truth,' whatever that proved.
This inaccuracy may have been the result of the shortcomings of memory, or the result of an intentional distortion of facts.

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