intentional killing

See: murder
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Provides fines and/or imprisonment of not more than five years for violations of the requirements established by the bill, but in the case of an intentional killing of a child born alive, a violator can be charged with first degree murder;
ISLAMABAD -- The Human Rights Commission has issued notice to the civil and police administration, Shopian, in Indian Occupied Kashmir over the intentional killing of a woman by Indian forces, while she was carrying her suckling child in her lap in her house in South Kashmir on December 19.
Official investigations, however, found that police officers were responsible for the intentional killing of Delos Santos.
This is despite the family having hard evidence of the involvement of some people in the intentional killing," the statement added.
But many pro-lifers oppose those practices (not all pro-lifers agree), and, in any case, one could oppose the intentional killing of the innocent (abortion) without also opposing state execution of convicted murderers or wars fought against unjust aggressors.
Under the Geneva Conventions, any intentional killing of a civilian or attack on a hospital or medical unit is a war crime - but intent is not always easy to prove.
Drug-related offences do not fall under this threshold of "most serious crimes," which have been interpreted to mean only crimes involving intentional killing, he said.
THE PARLIAMENTARY ASSEMBLY OF THE COUNCIL OF EUROPE adopted a resolution on January 25, 2012 stating: " Euthanasia, in the sense of the intentional killing by act or omission of a dependent human being for his or her alleged benefit, must always be prohibited.
But attorneys for the men argue that although their clients are killers, their documented mental health histories could negate the intentional killing argument and therefore raise the question of whether execution is cruel and unusual punishment.
The bill would establish shock imprisonment as punishment for repeat DUI offenders automatically and make causing the death of a person by a heavily drunk driver punishable with the same number of prison years as intentional killing.
In fact, commissions of enquiry that included many people with no moral objection to these choices have often concluded, unanimously, that there should be no legal permission to cross the one intelligible and clear line: no intentional killing (at least not of people who are not physically threatening anyone).
The report, which took a year to compile, interviewed 200 witnesses and found that, while there were some reports of armed weapons, there was a significant amount of intentional killing by security forces.

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