intentional wrongdoing

See: malice
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Bar counsel could reasonably decline to investigate the attorneys in light of the FBIs findings of no intentional wrongdoing, Adkins added.
The survey revealed that the biggest risks to corporate reputation were intentional wrongdoing or illegal actions by corporate leaders, lying or misinterpreting facts about a product or service, and Intentional misuse of financial information for financial gain.
and [to] abstain from all intentional wrongdoing and harm.
However, it added that the complaints were not due to "problematic policy or intentional wrongdoing," and were rather "isolated errors or customer confusion.
The most common TCCWNA claim is a contention that the seller over-reached in purporting to exculpate itself from all liabilities to the consumer or website user -- including claims for products sold through the website, claims for reckless or intentional wrongdoing, or claims allowed by consumer protection statutes (such as the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act).
I don't believe there's intentional wrongdoing at ShelterCare, but I do believe the agency needs some public attention.
either intentional wrongdoing or negligence to such an extent as to
When the court labels an act "prosecutorial misconduct," however, it "may be perceived as reflecting intentional wrongdoing, or even professional misconduct, even in cases where such a perception is entirely unwarranted .
is seeking a declaration that any past or future duty to defend the league may be limited or precluded because the NHL may have failed to comply with the conditions of its liability policies, which don't provide coverage for intentional wrongdoing or bodily injury that was "expected or intended," according to the suit.
Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit has ruled that an insurance carrier that provided an insurance professionals' errors and omissions liability insurance policy to an agency was not obligated to defend the agency in a suit brought by a competitor agency, where the suit only asserted claims for intentional wrongdoing.
The dentists will go head to head with the OIG in court again in January to try to strike an agency rule that allows the state to withhold Medicaid payments if a provider violates Medicaid program rules, such as failing to retain certain documents or using the wrong codes for services in patient files, even if the state does not have evidence that intentional wrongdoing or fraud occurred.
Keith Alexander, one of the witnesses at Thursday's hearing, repeated his earlier contention that there's no evidence of intentional wrongdoing in any of the NSA spying programs, even though the agency has reported thousands of errors to the FISA court.