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In the innovation implementation context, attributions to intentionality trigger employees' sensemaking of the organization's innovation adoption.
Councillor Andrew Parker, cabinet member for housing, said: "The Vale of Glamorgan Council fully supports the goal of ending 'intentionality' for households with children by 2019.
173-194), takes the reader into applied methods of alleviating loneliness through: insight, intentionality, strategic planning, fantasy, trust, empathy, and intimacy.
The second part, referring to a neurophysiologic perspective, explains why they do so, taking its point of departure in biological intentionality as "...
This singular model integrates the seminal work of Boyer (1990) with the concept of intentionality (Owen, 2009).
Intentionality does not seem to be just a linguistic feature.
Rakoczy (Chapter 5) focuses on the development of collective intentionality, which can also be considered a form of perspective taking.
Invitational Theory and Practice as outlined by Purkey and Novak (1996, 2008) has similar values of trust, care, optimism, respect, and intentionality.