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On the basis of classic intentionality research, Malle (2006) asserted that skill and awareness are two necessary elements of intentional behaviors, and further stated that the understanding of these variables may affect moral judgments.
Exercise is also presented as a positive therapeutic measure, in that it "transforms the intentionality principle into a physical goal" (Mijuscovic, 2015, p.
Given intentionality is a newly introduced term within the EYLF, it suggests a stronger positioning of the role of the educator.
The second part, referring to a neurophysiologic perspective, explains why they do so, taking its point of departure in biological intentionality as ".
Practical intentionality has been broadly defined as "purposeful behavior toward some conscious outcome" (Owen, 2009, p.
And, how might Murphy help account for our mental states' intentionality, and how they can be together with reality, given her physicalism?
Werner and Smith (1992) indicated the importance of intentionality in developing resilience.
This toolkit is divided into three sections: (1) Youth As Change Agents: Youth Voice and Leadership; (2) The Promise of Equity: Access, Resources, and Intentionality, and (3) The Promise of Equity: Understanding Youth Demographics.
A dozen authors argue that behind today's institutional and structural forms of violence stands personal and group intentionality.