intentionally disregard

See: ignore
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Schneider did not intentionally disregard rules or regulations.
A $1,000 penalty may be assessed if any part of the taxpayer's underpayment of tax liability is attributable to a willful attempt to understate the tax liability or to either recklessly or intentionally disregard the rules or regulations.
Additionally, if you have made the law clear to the arbitrators and they intentionally disregard the law, you may have created grounds for appeal of the award on the basis of "manifest disregard of the law.
3509, an employer must establish that it did not intentionally disregard the law when it treated a worker as an independent contractor.
Thus, unless the director intentionally disregards their duties, it is unlikely that their inattentiveness would be considered a breach of the duty of loyalty.
Under Delaware case law, good faith is absent when a director knowingly or intentionally disregards his or her duties.
These include a $250 penalty for each return on which an understatement of tax is due to an unrealistic position and $1,000 for each return where the preparer willfully attempts to understate tax or recklessly or intentionally disregards rules or regulations.