intentionally disregard

See: ignore
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'To intentionally disregard the value of these airport slots is unethical and an aggravation to the current state of congestion at Naia.
Broadens the authority of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to levy civil penalties of up to $10,000 per call on people who intentionally disregard telemarketing restrictions.
DTI's intensified monitoring and enforcement efforts definitely include going after unscrupulous importers, traders, and retailers that intentionally disregard the mandatory product certification scheme of the BPS," Ruth Castelo, undersecretary for DTI Consumer Protection Group, said.
* Schneider did not intentionally disregard rules or regulations.
6694(a) provides that a preparer will be assessed a $250 penalty in situations where a taxpayer's liability is understated due to a position that does not have a "realistic possibly of being sustained on its merits." A $1,000 penalty may be assessed if any part of the taxpayer's underpayment of tax liability is attributable to a willful attempt to understate the tax liability or to either recklessly or intentionally disregard the rules or regulations.
When you are up all night, drinking and celebrating with your family and friends, you tend to forget (or intentionally disregard) that its effect may bother you in the morning.
Bale wants its money back and an order stating that the company didn't "intentionally disregard" its obligation to file the four Forms 8300.
Additionally, if you have made the law clear to the arbitrators and they intentionally disregard the law, you may have created grounds for appeal of the award on the basis of "manifest disregard of the law."
3509, an employer must establish that it did not intentionally disregard the law when it treated a worker as an independent contractor.
Penalties can apply if an employer fails to file with the IRS or provide the forms to employees, and the penalty amount can be doubled if the IRS determines that the employer intentionally disregarded the filing requirement.
(b) A defendant has acted with deliberate disregard for the rights or safety of others if the defendant has knowledge of facts or intentionally disregards facts that create a high probability of injury to the rights or safety of others and: