inter alia

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Inter Alia

[Latin, Among other things.] A phrase used in Pleading to designate that a particular statute set out therein is only a part of the statute that is relevant to the facts of the lawsuit and not the entire statute.

Inter alia is also used when reporting court decisions to indicate that there were other rulings made by the court but only a particular holding of the case is cited.

inter alia

(in-tur eh-lee-ah) prep. Latin for "among other things." This phrase is often found in legal pleadings and writings to specify one example out of many possibilities. Example: "The judge said, inter alia, that the time to file the action had passed."

inter alia

‘among other things’.

INTER ALIA. Among other things; as, "the said premises, which inter alia, Titius granted to Caius."

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Yossi Flint says that it's because his company offers the complete kitchen service, from initial design to the manufacture and supply of all the units, worktops and appliances, that Inter Alia can offer customers a made- to measure kitchen for not a lot more than the cheapest flat-pack.
For more information visit Inter Alia at Block 1, Unit 2 Thornliebank Industrial Estate, Glasgow.
Under the Restructuring Agreement, SSTY and TPID further agreed, inter alia, to non-competition provisions in which (1) SSTY in general agreed not to compete with TPID in the anti-counterfeiting and/or product authentication business; and (2) TPID agreed in general not to compete with SSTY in the geo-tracking-related or All-in-One-Key-related business.
Global Contract Logistics 2006 includes over 20 profiles of the world's largest players including, inter alia, DHL, Wincanton, Penske, Schneider, Kuehne + Nagel and SembLog (Toll).
The service contract by the Netherlands on behalf of, inter alia, Denmark will need to work with Thales Netherlands therefore concern analyzes of existing SMART-L radar ELR which Thales Netherlands have developed.
Total quantity or scope: Supply of high chloride and abrasion resistant Metrology (pressure transmitter, pressure gauges, thermocouples, flow meter, pH measurements, vibration monitoring systems and enclosures for instrumentation), designed, inter alia, for suspension of lime, gypsum suspension, circulation, operating and saturator, raw gas and air oxidation, including initial start-up.
The revised RFP is directed at Bidders who are, inter alia Tier 1 ERP COTS Original Software Manufacturers (OSM) and is for acquisition of Tier 1 ERP COTS software, including on-going upgrades and support for this software.
Specifically, the complaint alleges, inter alia, that during the Class Period Defendants misrepresented the Company's business condition and financial results by touting that the Company's purported ability to perform large-scale drug trials allowed it to obtain large, lucrative contracts from pharmaceutical companies.
During the day, management will focus inter alia on its technology strengths and the specific opportunities afforded by the transition to electronic and digital media.
Announcement of competition: Procurement is to cover Sporveien Group~s need for property insurance, including, inter alia, following insurance
The motions brought by certain individuals seeking an Order to, inter alia, stay the civil action brought by Hollinger against, inter alia, certain former executives are scheduled to be heard before Mr.
Snow and ice removal for a total of 29 lots of the Berlin Transport Services (BVG), distributed throughout the city of Berlin, according to tender documents and, if necessary, and a separate request by the Client for the provision of optional services, such as, inter alia, the grit recording for the object, the full snow - and ice removal in depots, the snow removal of non-storable snow in depots etc.