inter vivos

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Inter Vivos

[Latin, Between the living.] A phrase used to describe a gift that is made during the donor's lifetime.

In order for an inter vivos gift to be complete, there must be a clear manifestation of the giver's intent to release to the donee the object of the gift, and actual delivery and acceptance by the donee.An inter vivos gift is distinguishable from a gift causa mortis, which is made in expectation of impending death.

inter vivos

(in-tur-veye-vohs) adj. Latin for "among the living," usually referring to the transfer of property by agreement between living persons and not by a gift through a will. It can also refer to a trust (inter vivos trust) which commences during the lifetime of the person (trustor or settlor) creating the trust as distinguished from a trust created by a will (testamentary trust) which comes into existence upon the death of the writer of the will. (See: inter vivos trust)

inter vivos

noun conferment between the living, conveyance between the living, transfer among the living
Associated concepts: inter vivos will

INTER VIVOS. Between living persons; as, a gift inter vivos, which is a gift made by one living person to another; see Gifts inter vivos. It is a rule that a fee cannot pass by grant or transfer, inter vivos, without appropriate words of inheritance. 2 Prest. on Est. 64.

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Francis' nephews and nieces, his heirs by intestate succession, sought to nullify the deed of donation inter vivos their uncle executed in favor of Ciri.
8) The court then cited several Florida cases that have "repeatedly permitted a decedent's children to pursue claims to set aside inter vivos conveyances based upon allegations of undue influence without requiring that the decedent's estate be joined as a party to the suit.
Although trusts have been around since the thirteenth century, (80) the modern era of succession has seen the revocable inter vivos trust rival the will as the primary vehicle for transmitting wealth at death.
Once the estate planning team has confirmed that the law that will govern the continuing trusts created by G1 will allow for springing the Tax Trap, it must ensure that Gl's last will and testament, revocable trust or irrevocable inter vivos GST nonexempt trust (governing instrument) is drafted appropriately.
While there is an emerging understanding of inter vivos charitable giving, Baker and Gilding (2011) call for a more nuanced understanding of post mortem family and charitable giving.
We announce for the future that, as to any inter vivos trust created or amended after the date of this opinion, we shall no longer follow the rule announced in Kerwin v.
The patrimony by appropriation can be a true instrument to alienate, based on documents inter vivos, the patrimony by appropriation in terms of the Romanian law and the compared law.
elevel term assurance would fund the extra tax on the rest of the estate due to the lost nil rate band, whilst the Gift Inter Vivos policy sum assured would reduce in line with taper relief over the seven year period.
A handful of 2013 cases involving the taxation and administration of trusts should grab the attention of tax professionals looking to reduce the state income tax liabilities of their testamentary and inter vivos trust clients.
Often, a "living trust," more technically known as a revocable inter vivos mist, is part of estate planning as well.
She addresses issues such as nationality, domicile, and residence; marriage, divorce, and cohabitation; adoption, parenthood, and guardianship; succession and inter vivos arrangements; and the acquisition and administration of estates.

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