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Interact Commerce Corporation, radicada en Scottsdale (Arizona), es una subsidiaria de Sage Group, plc, la proveedora principal de software -y productos y servicios asociados- para administrar la pequena y mediana empresa de todo el mundo.
The five categories Interact customers have been nominated in are Best Viral Campaign, Best Use of Visuals, Best Use for HR, Best Design and Best Overall Intranet.
FINANCIAL DECISION MAKING--Sept 30--Nov 10 InterAct (24 core hrs $1250/$1400 non)
Spergel, the particles interact strongly with each other, colliding and scattering like billiard balls.
For more information about how InterAct courses work, or to suggest topics for future Express Web courses, please contact Lou Ellen Horwitz at 800-562-8088 or lhorwitz@acpe.
He suggests that a stronger explanation can emerge from the mirror world because mirror particles, by definition, interact with each other just as much as their counterparts in the visible world.
Nigel Danson, Interact CEO comments, "Choosing this year's nonprofit competition winner has been our toughest yet, with each of the 7 finalists a worthy cause in their own right.
Pricing is the same for the InterAct and live versions of the PIM.
InterACT, the world's leading business forum on business analytics, emerging decision management technologies and their applications, is being held this week in San Francisco, where Bill Fair and Earl Isaac started the company in 1956.
Dr Nigel Danson, CEO and founder of Interact comments, "Interact has seen a shift in the expectationsof users who are used to being able to readily access relevant, tailored information quickly in their day-to-day lives, and who expect the same level of functionality inside their workplace.
Nigel Danson, CEO and Founder of Interact comments: "It is a fantastic achievement for all of the team at MSC UK, they have worked so hard to get :MYWORKSPACE to where it is today.
One lucky winner will get a new intelligent intranet worth $60,000 in Interact Intranet's annual Nonprofit Competition

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