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In the development of Cochrane Interactive Learning, staff carried out extensive research in relation to all of these elements to inform product development:
Three digital screens will be set up for interactive learning about the life of Mahatma Gandhi.
Mazur found that through interactive learning, students gained three times in knowledge-as measured by conceptual tests and other assessment methods-compared to learning through the traditional lectures done at Harvard.
Thus, the fact that certain individuals use the Internet for interactive learning and others do not means that the former have better learning results.
The tablet has provided World of Words with an interactive learning tool which Mr Jones says will help the organisation as it continues to strive for local social development.
In March 2009, the Interactive Learning Taxonomy (ILT) was integrated and applied in the EDT 610 class as a focused assignment for the analysis of an online lesson.
Bellyfeel's Creative Director, Krishna Stott, said, “We've spent a year creating SignMedia, an innovative interactive learning experience.
Time Machine is an interactive learning tool for nine to 12-year-olds.
Children can also take part in an interactive learning session where they can watch pets being fed healthy afternoon snacks and learn about their feeding habits.
The space will eventually become the new Arts-Media center--a self-contained interactive learning center that will include instruments, multimedia, scores, sound recordings, and music resources.
17 -- SMART Technologies (NASDAQ: SMT, TSX: SMA) announces the launch of the 400, 600 and 800 series SMART Board(TM) interactive whiteboard line, SMART Notebook(TM) collaborative learning software and the SMART Table(TM) interactive learning center for Indian classrooms.
"With Litmos, we will address the learning and development needs of mobile sales forces, we will embed interactive learning in our core applications, and we will enter the mLearning and eLearning market places," commented Leslie Stretch, president and CEO of Callidus Software.

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