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Navigation for the interactive mode is through a central forms access screen.
It also requires an input file that may be either run in batch mode or created and run in the interactive mode.
Other modes of play include play mode with more than 40 phrases, scare mode with five different sound-activated roars and interactive mode that allows the action figures to converse with one another.
Harsh Vardhan informed that on this occasion, the Prime Minister would release seven new plant varieties developed at CSIR laboratories to the farmers located at five different locations from across the Nation, in an interactive mode through video conferencing.
It is part of new pedagogies used by Adec to shift from the traditional style of education to an interactive mode, Salama Al Amimi, Executive Director of the Organisational Development and Excellence Office, said.
It introduces an interactive mode of learning the alphabet on Android devices.
WCS required an architectural team with wildlife expertise, experience with EGAD's interactive mode of design, and the ability to work on a fast-track mode.
One can run ConcordFTP in Interactive mode with drag and drop support using its six-panel interface; or one can run it in Silent mode for unattended, script-driven file transfers.
In addition, ART offers an interactive help desk so users can communicate directly with ART through an online interactive mode.
The interactive mode follows the 1040 form sequence, and detailed schedules can be accessed from it when necessary.
Thanks to an interactive mode of online seminar, the participants could ask questions as well as participate in polls.

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