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We will refer to interactive systems that incorporate some sort of AI technology (or technology that at one time was viewed as belonging to AI) as interactive intelligent systems.
Tata Interactive Systems (TIS), a global leader in performance support systems and e-learning, is a part of the $70bn Tata Group.
DISCover[TM], Games2Drive[TM], HAWGS[TM], Drop n' Play[TM], and MyGames[TM] are all trademarks of Digital Interactive Systems Corporation.
The combination of Zetools software and TANDBERG Television's on-demand, interactive systems and asset management solutions enables us to continue to create rich media ecosystems, and further generate profitable revenue growth for our customers.
Consumer Program and Shopping Guide, CPG, Library Distribution Management System, LDMS, NS8, Secure Digital Content Distribution, Security Protocol Integration, SPI, and iWave Interactive Systems, iWaveMedia, AdWave are either registered trademarks or trademarks of NS8 Corporation or its subsidiaries.
LOS ANGELES -- NS8 Corporation's (OTCBB:NSEO) entertainment network division, iWave Interactive Systems, has been selected by True Digital Entertainment Company, a media subsidiary of True Corporation Plc.
LOS ANGELES -- NS8 Corporation announced today that its digital broadcast management service division, iWave Interactive Systems, has signed an exclusive multi-year content distribution and alliance agreement with Rockamedia LLC and M3 Entertainment to offer biographies of famous music artists on its iWave broadband and Video on Demand (VOD) for Asian and North American markets.
SEATTLE -- NS8 Corporation (OTCBB:NSEO) announces that its digital media distribution division, iWave Interactive Systems, has signed a multi-year content distribution and alliance agreement with Acme Mobile Pte Ltd.

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