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As the CANARIE visual serving demonstration illustrates, scientists all over Canada now have the ability to utilize computing and visualization resources anywhere in the country and to interactively visualize them at their desktop.
An innovative navigation interface allows "Travel Interactively With Alicia" users to create their own customized travel experiences.
Second, the toolbox includes a new interactive parallel mode of execution so that researchers can work interactively with a parallel job running simultaneously on several processors or cores.
Visualize overall trends or fine details of analytic data using interactively controlled color maps of rail polygons
While customers interested in giving their users the ability to interactively edit text, images, and layout elements from within their Web browser will have the flexibility to deploy their editing interface using Java applets, Adobe Flash, or AJAX.
The TotalView memory and source code debuggers are integrated into a single product, so programmers can interactively locate memory problems while finding programming errors.
For example, LGX Info's Analysis Grid allows report users to interactively and rapidly create customized data columns, aggregations, cross-tab tables and data filters for a virtually unlimited number of records.
As an easy-to-use Web-based application, the concourse(TM) Kiosk Project Planner allows businesses to interactively develop their kiosk project requirements by selecting either branch banking or retail applications, hardware enhancements, color options and technical support packages.
The Creaform plug-in interactively processes and displays a shaded model as a physical object is captured by the Handyscan 3D system.
SlickEdit Tools offers powerful and time saving functionality that will give developers the ability to easily navigate source code, quickly recover from mistakes, graphically compare files and directories, reduce repetitive typing, interactively work with regular expressions, and automatically refactor code.

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