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It is therefore necessary to closely coordinate law enforcement operations with our interagency and international partners to extend the Nations borders further away from the geographic border in order to dramatically increase our detection capabilities and the apprehension of illicit smuggling ventures prior to making landfall, said Southeast Region Executive Director Eric Rembold.
Another key publication that continued the evolution of joint interagency coordination was Joint Publication (JP) 3-08, Interorganizational Coordination During Joint Operations, (10) which established guidance within DOD on the structures and processes in place to support joint interagency coordination, including key U.
Students also explore leadership within an interagency environment versus leadership within a single agency and examine their experience working with the interagency to more effectively lead through persuasion and influence.
It shares information and coordinates with interagency affiliates and international partners to protect the integrity of the border.
Such a narrow mission coupled with its few interagency assets and with Congressional and executive branch support helps explain the group's success.
Could you have benefited from an interagency relationship where you understood the interagency culture and its people?
The need for improved understanding of interagency coordination is apparent in today's world.
The Joint Interagency Task Force South (JIATFS), the organization within USSOUTHCOM responsible for the C-TOC mission, "conducts interagency and international Detection & Monitoring operations, and facilitates the interdiction of illicit trafficking and other narco-terrorist threats in support of national and partner nation security.
Sixty six years since the Holocaust and 17 years after Rwanda, the United States still lacks a comprehensive policy framework and a corresponding interagency mechanism for preventing and responding to mass atrocities and genocide.
This analysis discusses four organizational reform models and recommends the interagency task force (IATF) as the preferred structure.
Almost all of the fund's resources come from appropriations advanced from federal clients for NIST's technical services through interagency agreements.
AFFI submitted comments to the interagency Task Force on Childhood Obesity in response to the group's request for information published in the Federal Register of March 16, 2010.

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