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Additionally, the Interagency Pass Program allows each of the federal agencies to retain and reinvest revenues collected from the sale of passes at the project level.
Why do some interagency teams succeed while others struggle?
During the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, the USG interagency partnership, international community, Greek government, and Hellenic society came together and embraced the spirit of the Olympic Games.
With their deputies stalemated in the interagency group, the agency heads sought to reach agreement at a cabinet meeting in February 2002.
The purpose of the interagency process is to develop an agreed national approach that maximizes the coordinated application of these instruments.
To what extent are communities successful in addressing legal requirements and currently recommended practices in interagency agreements written to facilitate the age 3 transition?
His view is supported by notes I obtained from a November 11, 1996, interagency briefing on the proposed standards, written on the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy's letterhead.
Those issues determined to be most urgent and the efforts of the interagency team to address them are:
Participants say that establishing communication networks and developing formal, written interagency agreements have been the main benefits of the project.
Interagency Policy Statement on Coordination and Communication Between External Auditors and Examiners details information that depository institutions should provide to their auditors, as well as meetings that should be held between auditors and examiners in connection with safety and soundness examinations.
The proposed budget for the new interagency Advanced Materials and Processing Program (AMPP) represents a 7 percent increase for materials science from 1992 levels.
SCRA Applied R&D was recently awarded a three year, $3 million Blanket Purchase Agreement with the United States Coast Guard (USCG) to support system lifecycle operations, sustainment of and enhancements to the existing system and maintenance tasks for the Interagency Operations Center "WatchKeeper System.

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