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All agents are continuously active and any coordination or synchronization that is required is handled bottom-up through interagent interaction.
The second difficulty is that the store provides a new medium for interagent communication.
In the context of Dec-POMDPs, relevant research has mostly focused on the potential of communication mitigating the high computational complexity of the decision-making process by reducing the interagent uncertainty (for a recent example, see Wu, Zilberstein, and Chen [2011]).
This type of language can be used for both communication and negotiation purposes and provides the basis for developing a variety of interagent communications protocols that enable information agents to collectively cooperate in sharing information.
Ramya Pradhan of the University of Central Florida discussed the effects of interagent variation on developing robust and stable teams.
The modules communicate with each other using the Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language, a speech-action-based interagent communication protocol that makes the system modular and extensible.
OAA agents provide services that other agents may request by submitting a high-level Interagent Communication Language (ICL) expression (a solvable, which can be viewed as a service request) to the facilitator agent that knows about all agents and mediates the interaction between them.
Together, these challenges provide developmental opportunities in modeling cognitive systems, high-speed computations, interagent connectivity, standardization of agent technologies, and multiagent architectures for a wide range of autonomous applications.
It has the robustness of a multiagent system without the significant complexity and overhead required for interagent communication and negotiation.

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