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In April of 1922 a number of her works were exhibited in the foyer of the Paris Opera in conjunction with a display for a proposed interallied monument, the Pantheon of the Somme.
It lost the war because of the revolution, industrial underdevelopment, poor strategists, institutional obstacles, and interallied relations.
Nonetheless, most Cold Warriors averred that they must not allow the past to endanger interallied relations or overseas bases.
While Hartness had first become involved in aviation for enjoyment, these experiences would become vital when he was asked to serve during World War I on the InterAllied Standardization Commission with aviation pioneers William Durand of Stanford University and Charles Manley, who at the turn of the century had designed a remarkable engine used in Samuel Langley's flight experiments.
Second, the crisis is testing interallied relations on a number of fronts: whether over appropriate military responses (with differences apparent between French and U.S.-British positions) or over the motives for involvement in the crisis (as between Greece and Turkey).
Since Germany had huge debts to both private lenders and government creditors, and since decisions made to reduce reparations affected the value of outstanding private loans, it is necessary to analyze the debt rescheduling in a multilateral setting that takes into account the interests of the debtor (Germany), officials creditors (France, the United Kingdom, and--indirectly via interallied war debts--the United States), and private lenders (holders and marketers of German bonds).
Moggridge illuminates Keynes's role in formulating policy and managing interallied economic relations at the Treasury during the First World War and lets us see clearly the increasing frustration that led Keynes to lament late in 1917 that "I work for a Government I despise for ends I think criminal".
The annual Congress of the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers, which was originally scheduled to meet in July in Washington, D.C., has been moved to Sophia, Bulgaria.
Prete vividly describes the many ways in which diverging strategies complicated interallied co-operation.
Upcoming training camp prepares Reservists for worldwide competition Reservists from around the world will meet in Washington, D.C., in July for the annual Congress of the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers.
By May 1917, therefore, the watchdog Wilson was not only under something of a cloud but unemployed; even, perhaps, unemployable - so closely associated had he been with Nivelle's failure and with a period of unhappy interallied relations which neither Haig nor Robertson could be expected to forget quickly.

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