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The results may indicate that carbonyl groups of MMA unit forms interassociated hydrogen bonds with amide groups of MAAM.
This could be attributed to increased interassociated hydrogen bonding between the C=O groups of PHB and the N--H groups of AOI-modified materials, which decreases the crystallinity of modified materials--and will be elaborated upon later.
The spectral curve fitting using Gaussian function showed that the self-associated hydrogen bonds in the blends are favorable over interassociated bonds.
The poorer dispersion on the system with MCC is originated in the fact that MCC is formed by the aggregation of a large number of individual crystallites strongly interassociated through hydrogen bonds (17).
As it will be discussed in the theoretical background, the free energy of mixing for hydrogen-bonded polymer blends depends strongly on the extent of interassociated hydrogen bonds that is an important parameter in the prediction of the miscibility of a blend of polymers.