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Skeletal studies of living hybrid offspring--for example, in wolves and monkeys--may tell scientists where to look for signs of interbreeding on ancient hominid fossils.
The researchers also looked for evidence of ancient interbreeding in previously acquired genomes of nearly 1,500 modern-day individuals from different parts of the world.
Scientists had been puzzled about why they hadn't found signs of the interbreeding in the Neandertal genome, says Graham Coop, an evolutionary geneticist at the University of California, Davis.
Southern tigrinas, on the other side of Brazil, hybridise with Geoffroy's cats, which leads to extreme levels of interbreeding between the species in their contact zone.
Researchers at the Royal Society meeting said the interbreeding contributed to the genetic diversity of humans today.
His work is the first to definitively suggest interbreeding between separate human forms inside of Africa.
No signs of interbreeding with Neandertal cousins called Denisovans appear in the Siberian man's DNA.
Professor Parham's results could be explained by interbreeding between the two 'tribes' passing immunity to disease developed by the Neanderthals after they'd left Africa our way.
Two independent investigations identify for the first time the specific parts of the human genome that seem to have been most affected by Stone Age interbreeding with Neandertais.
Labuda thinks this interbreeding occurred somewhere in the Middle East.
All giant squid are part of one global interbreeding species instead of the three that scientists thought existed, DNA evidence suggests.
The overlaps then led to hybridisation, or interbreeding, which is an event that caused maternal DNA from brown bears to be introduced into polar bears.