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An intercalary bone graft is not required and would not result in unacceptable reduction in length after surgery.
Front femur with dorsoapical pair of macrosetae, AM1 enlarged and situated on ventral margin, intercalary row with 1 large basal setae and 6 smaller setae more distad.
In the intercalary third month of 532, four different Erzhu armies all converged on Ye to crush the upstart Gao Huan, with a combined strength, reportedly, of 200,000 men.
In recent classifications of land plants, vascular plants have a basal dichotomy separating the lycophytes (vascular plants presenting lycophylls or leaves with an intercalary meristem, without leaf gaps and a single medium vein), from the euphyllophytes (vascular plants presenting euphylls or leaves with marginal or apical meristems and an associated leaf gap in the vascular stele and branched veins).
Irregular (rhomboidal) sclerophilous leaves, lobate (acute lobes), with intercalary veins and very short petiole (almost null).
Contract notice: Provision of patient records and intercalary.
audouinii was flat and had a brown velvety surface, and microscopically it showed thick-walled chlamydospores either ter-minal or intercalary (Fig.
For instance, gibberellin promotes rapid internodal growth in deepwater rice by enhancing the activity of p34cdc2/CDC28-like histone H1 kinase in the intercalary meristem of intemodes (Sauter et al.
Variations in the distance between the distal end of the radial planate supplement and the distal margin of the wings bounded by the end points of the intercalary vein and the radial branch in the fore-wings and length of the anal vein and shape in the region bounded between the anal supplement (Aspl), basal end of the anal vein (A3) and sec d branch of cubital vein (Cu2) in the hindwings were also observed.
The Choson court added the Otomo family in 1509 (Chungjong sillok 64: 2b-3b [1528 Intercalary 10.
citrophthora confirmed reports by Waterhouse and Waterston [13] and Ho and Jong [20], and the presence of intercalary and terminal chlamydospores in P.