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The occurrence of a significant shift from terminal behavior to pseudo-solid like behavior from melt intercalated to solvent casted composites was clearly exhibited in the terminal region.
Whereas, for samples prepared using mechanical stirring technique, only sample contains 1 wt% nanoclay shows an ordered exfoliated structure while samples with higher clay contents showed intercalated structure.
The estimate was completed using a cutoff of 30% Cr(2)O(3) for the massive chromite and 0% Cr(2)O(3) for the intercalated chromite.
Poly(styrene-butadiene), a synthetic rubber copolymer, was intercalated into dioctadecyldimethyl ammonium exchanged montmorillonite by mixing the copolymer and the organoclay at 120[degrees]C (Laus et al.
These Games were quite successful but were not repeated in 1910 due to political pressures and are forever known as the Intercalated (interim) Games.
These varied interests reverberate in the intercalated tales that bring to the fore many complementary stories, such as Madame's childhood and artistic coming-of-age; the star-crossed love of unwitting half-siblings Ronda and Bienvenido; and Juan Anduce's anecdotes of his family, the history of the island, and the years he lived in New York.
Acinic cell adenocarcinomas arise from pluripotential reserve or stem cells normally found at the acinar-intercalated duct junctions or in the intercalated ducts proper of mature salivary glands.
Close contact with Virgil is thus maintained throughout the romance, alongside increasing numbers of intercalated passages of the French poet's own invention in its later stages.
539--64): "gifts, taking, wives, slaves, children, marriage, judgments, inheritance, [a story is intercalated here], marriage (bis), anger, thirty-four kinds of witnesses, fighting, accusation, judges, dragging [this intended literally, as punishment of debtors], freeing, surety, debt, witnesses (bis), malpractices by men [vis-a-vis other men's wives]," ete.