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The myoepithelial cells were located at the base of the acinar cells as well as intercalated and striated ducts, and were stellate in shape.
I hope the new intercalated degree programme being launched today will encourage students to make Wales their first choice for training, development and career aspiration; further demonstration that Wales is a great place to Train, Work and Live "Today's launch marks the end of a large amount of work putting the new programme together, but the start of a very exciting time for the medical school here at Cardiff University.
DOG1: a novel marker of salivary acinar and intercalated duct differentiation.
This implies that the d-spacing of silicate layers in PBI44 system is expanded by PBz chains and an intercalated structure is obtained.
The zero shear viscosity of the melt intercalated composites exhibited a direct correlation with the amount of filler content (Fig.
shows tactoid structure, MMT-30B and MMT-CPC show intercalated structure while MMT-I.
The Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Cape Town (UCT) has taken the initiative in addressing the critical shortage of clinician-scientists by introducing two clinical scientist research tracks that run in parallel with the professional MB ChB programme, namely the intercalated BSc (Med) Hons/MB ChB track and the integrated MB ChB/PhD track.
In case of KOH intercalated sample, the mass losses noted in the two regions of the thermogram are 0.
Morphology of intercalated and striated ducts was studied and their number was counted.
She was a medical student at University of Wales College of Medicine (then part of the University of Wales, now part of Cardiff University) and qualified in 1997 as a medical doctor (MB BCh) having gained an intercalated BSc in anatomy.