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Contact angle measurements verified that amide-type slip additive intercalates into the clay galleries and interacts with silicate layers, rather than migrating to the surface of the molded PP artifact.
Basically, polymer-clay composites are divided into three general types: phase-separated, conventional micro composites, intercalated nanocomposites (in which polymer molecules intercalate into clay galleries), and exfoliated nanocomposites, in which clay particles are separated into individual layers and dispersed evenly in the polymer matrix [3-5].
The organic species with different polarities can thus intercalate into the galleries, or if there is a sufficient polymer content result in exfoliation of silicate layers.
PEO can thus intercalate into both MMT and B34 to produce both the PEO-MMT and PEO-B34 hybrids.
Moreover, it is also possible that the amount of polymer in a system containing 24 wt% clay is insufficient to intercalate all the clay to the larger extent (a "starved" condition), resulting in the two intercalated-clay populations' structure.