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Values in first two columns of Table 1 correspond to PANI/MMT intercalate exposed to the pressure 28 MPa for 20 min (in the first column) and for 17 min (in the second column).
We report on the modification of pre-baked clay with sodium and potassium hydroxides at 150 , 500 and 700 o C to get thermally stable intercalates.
The TG-DTA curves obtained in case of original as well as clay-NaOH and clay-KOH intercalates heated at 150, 500 and 750 o C, are provided in Figs.
It is observed that the mass loss in case of original sample is less than the mass losses observed in case of intercalates prepared at 150 o C.
The mass loss observed in case of both intercalates is quite significant.
Contact angle measurements verified that amide-type slip additive intercalates into the clay galleries and interacts with silicate layers, rather than migrating to the surface of the molded PP artifact.
Basically, polymer-clay composites are divided into three general types: phase-separated, conventional micro composites, intercalated nanocomposites (in which polymer molecules intercalate into clay galleries), and exfoliated nanocomposites, in which clay particles are separated into individual layers and dispersed evenly in the polymer matrix [3-5].
This X-ray diffraction result further confirms that low molecular weight polar additives (which are compatible with OMMT) intercalate into clay galleries and therefore increase the interlayer spacing.
The basic method to determine the quality of intercalation and the structure of a final intercalate is X-ray diffraction which is suitably supplemented by computer molecular modeling in works of Weiss et al.
PEO can thus intercalate into both MMT and B34 to produce both the PEO-MMT and PEO-B34 hybrids.
This implies that PEO tends to first intercalate into B34, and later into MMT.