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In the liquid metallic hydrogen model of the Sun, solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and prominences can be explained by the process of intercalation and exfoliation, as described above by Martin and Broklehurst [44].
Delamination meso-micropore structure can be formed from intercalation and pilarization to form larger pores.
In these conditions, the chain mobility is low and only limited intercalations of the layers occur, as the results of improved accessibility.
X-ray diffraction studies indicated intercalation of IR and ENR into the silicate interlayers, followed by exfoliation (delamination) of the silicate layers.
The sample C20-C-TSE-0 is considered representative of conventional processing by melt intercalation (i.
Zhu and Xanthos (44) affirm that the shift in the diffraction peak to lower 20 values may not always offer evidence for exfoliation, but for ordered or disordered intercalation.
The morphology analysis showed that all three types of films involve intercalated clay particles while the intercalation extent depended on the matrix type as well as on the molecular weight of the compatibilizers.
Conventional preparation methods for PLACN synthesis mostly employ solution and melt intercalation techniques (12-14), (18-24).
14 Amphiphilic Poly(Oxyalkylene)-Amines Interacting with Layered Clays: Intercalation, Exfoliation, and New Applications
The parameters employed in the extrusion/rheometry may lead to intercalation and/or exfoliation in the nano-composite samples.
Similar to anthracyclines, pixantrone inhibits Topo-isomerase II but unlike anthracyclines--rather than intercalation with DNA--pixantrone alkylates DNA--forming stable DNA adducts, with particular specificity for CpG rich, hyper-methylated sites.