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1 and Table 1) show that SPT is also more effective in dispersion than Mica and MMT in intercalation in a PI matrix.
The intercalation of organic species into the interlayer space of smectites and vermiculites has been studied extensively because the resulting intercalates have interesting properties and are useful for many industrial applications.
all the Licchavi inscriptions, particularly with intercalation, the
In the majority of reports, tags are preposed although intercalation (putting the reporting verb in a syntactically medial position) is not infrequent while post-posed tags and untagged reports are few and far between.
intercalation of the polymer from a solution (solution intercalation);
For a given time-span, [delta]t and a given difference [delta]s between the corresponding New Year syzygies the number of intercalations can therefore be determined as follows:
First, the pattern of sections, scenes, and intercalations strikes me as just too neat.
Dolostone is microcrystalline with intercalations of laminated carbonate mudstone.
N]H group) arising out of the intercalation of the amine chains into the clay galleries.
Since graphite oxide has larger c-axis spacing and polar groups, such as hydroxyl, ether and carboxylate groups, on its surface, intercalation of water-soluble polymers into GO becomes possible.
The Formation at the studied section is mainly comprised oflimestone, dolomitic limestone, dolomite with some intercalations ofmarl and shale.