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The intercalative binding of drug with DNA is associated with hypochromic effect and a large red shift while the groove binding and electrostatic interaction may be associated with hypochromic and/or hyperchromic effect.
PLACNs are prepared by in situ intercalative ring opening polymerization (ROP), a process which can be divided into two steps, i.
12) explored the effect of clay surface treatment on the formation of PS clay nanocomposites by in situ intercalative polymerization.
Researchers attempted many methods to achieve this target, such as in situ intercalative polymerization [2] and in situ polymerization in the presence of nanoparticles [3].
It consists in preparing poly([epsilon]-caprolactone) (PCL)-grafted masterbatches (~30 wt% clay) by controlled intercalative polymerization of [epsilon]-caprolactone (CL), starting from organomodified clays bearing targeted amounts of alcohol functionalities as initiating species.
The preparation method is called intercalation compounding, including intercalative polymerization, solution intercalation, and melt intercalation, among other processes.
The nanocomposites are mainly prepared by three different methods: solution intercalation, in-situ intercalative polymerization, and polymer melt intercalation (5).
Traditionally, polymer-organoclay nanocomposites are synthesized by either solution-intercalation method or in-situ intercalative polymerization (28, 29).
At present, two methods are commonly used to prepare polymer/MMT: in situ intercalative polymerization and melt intercalation.
The intercalated PS-clay nanocomposites were also achieved via in situ intercalative free-radical polymerization by Okamoto et al.
PLS nanocomposites can be prepared by four different methods: solution intercalation, in situ intercalative polymerization, polymer melt intercalation, and template synthesis (1).