intercede for

References in classic literature ?
She was quite unfit, poor soul, to intercede for me, or to serve my interests in any way.
Eliot promised to intercede for them with the court.
The chief object of his return appeared to be to intercede for a quantity of dried meat and salmon trout, which he had left behind; on which, probably, he depended for his winter's subsistence.
"Intercede for me, Master," he muttered, "keep me in the narrow path intent on Thy work."
I was surprised, and entirely unprepared for this;--but surely you will allow me to intercede for these poor creatures.
He was a non-executive director at Intercede for two years from 2015.
San Pascual is believed to intercede for singles to find their ideal mate, while Our Lady of Salambao is venerated as the patron of farmers and fishermen.
Police said Cristina was arrested after she tried to intercede for her daughter.
I'm absolutely sure I never called Faeldon or any Customs official to intercede for my son in any of his transactions with BOC (Bureau of Customs),' Lacson wrote on Twitter.
'They'said it wouldn't rain today so I went out without my brolly Lo and behold I got drenched in a downpour; what a load of folly 'They'said that interest rates would be through the roof by the end of the coming year So I've spent nigh on six months feeling quite anxious and almost living in fear 'They' said that I shouldn't eat 'this and that' and I'm now in quite a tizzy But now 'they' say all is just fine so I'm back on the drinks that are fizzy 'They'say that climate warming is definitely real and we should all seek to play our part But if only they'd stop waffling there'd be less hot air, now that would be a good start So tonight please remember before going to sleep, find a few minutes to pray Ask God to please intercede for you by taking every last one of 'them' all away.
If someone close to your family has recently died, help your child to see that person as a saint who can intercede for her.
He would visit the person and urge him to pray to Saint Joseph to intercede for him and, more often than not, the prayer would be answered.