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Knowing that the impact of the interceptive collection mechanism gets more dominant with bigger particle sizes, an optional (R2 in Table 1) interception model was applied.
b) Interceptive: it is a procedure which is carried out in order to prevent impaction of teeth.
* Clinical practice: interceptive, therapeutic, preventive, and ongoing care procedures to support oral health.
Interceptive orthodontic appliances are often prescribed at a very young age to pr event jaw problems.
Travel time or travel distance can be used as the interceptive parameters in the gravity model.
Whether the Gujarat Government has not failed comprehensively-in not having properly spaced police posts along this sensistive coastal belt; in shifting some police posts from Jamnagar -Kutch to other area; in not mobilizing utlising distributing the huge number of interceptive boasts and special boast given by Government of India?
Because successful treatment of anteriorposterior, and vertical, dentofacial discrepancies, is linked to growth changes, it is our philosophy that interceptive orthodontic, and early ENT measures, should be initiated much sooner than is conventionally recommended.
A review of Indian medicinal plants with interceptive activity.
Corroborating these data, other findings showed that the combined removal of baroreceptors and chemoreceptors increases hypotension induced by hemorrhage, thus confirming that these interceptive receptors are important to adjust blood pressure during hypovolemia [40, 41].
(8) Prolonged uninterrupted liquid feeding for personal nutrition (terminated and presumably satiated by full crop distension) by foragers at interceptive diluted honey baits smeared experimentally on host tree trunks (Figure 2) does not suppress their behavioral drive to continue hunting for prey.
"These studies help us to understand the strategies that skilled athletes use to perform time-stressed interceptive actions, and help in the development of training interventions designed to improve the interceptive skill of developing athletes" [Mann, D; IS-SH03].