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Half of the PDs participating in our survey reported providing interceptive orthodontic services.
It includes preventative approach or designing supply chains with built-in risk tolerance and interceptive approach or containing damage when undesirable events happen (Gaonkar and Viswanadham 2007).
Anti-pyretic activity, cytotoxic activity, anti-microbial activity, insecticidal activity, wound healing activity, CNS activity, and pregnancy interceptive properties have been reported for roots (Chitme et al.
59) This aspect of the rationale undergirding Dinstein's theory of interceptive self-defense, however, finds no mention in the discussion.
In order to better understand the biodiversity and population dynamics of Ichneumonidae in forest ecosystems, we carried out a comparative field trapping study using an improved interceptive trap on the effect of trap color on the captures of ichneumonids in Liupanshan, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Daxinggou, Jilin Province and Xinbin, Liaoning Province, P.
It also creates an opening interceptive pause or breath where one can mindfully choose a new, novel response.
Her research includes contraceptive and interceptive strategies, the genetics of benign gynaecological disorders and the polycystic ovary syndrome.
I think it helps interceptive communication easier and more meaningful"
Action specificity increases anticipatory performance and the expert advantage in natural interceptive tasks.
185) Any preemptive right of self-defense is limited to interceptive prevention, requiring that an attack be already mounted (186) and corroborated by "substantiated evidence.
This is why it is important to design epidemiological profiles, in order to suggest alternatives in preventive and interceptive orthodontics for unattended communities.