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Intercessions were led by Graham Wardman and the organist was Elizabeth Jones.
In a major demonstration of his papal authority, Francis decided to make John XXIII a saint even though the Vatican has not confirmed a second miracle attributed to his intercession.
It is instructive to note that the Reformation theology of justification by faith alone meant that the centuries-old practice of intercession for the souls of the dead by the living was discontinued.
Later, Prince Turki bin Abdullah visited the home of Turki bin Shaeh Al-Enzy, conveying the intercession of the monarch for pardoning the killer of his father.
The Vatican will have to attribute another miracle to John Paul's intercession after the beatification in order for him to be declared a saint.
3) Although masculine dominance is showcased in the play, the correlation between the rhetorical function and ethical valence of Portia and the Virgin Mary magnifies the efficacy of, and promise behind, feminine intercession.
Section II of the book reveals Christ as intercessor, and discusses throne room intercession and what it means.
She prayed to the priest, and attributed the healing to the intercession of Damien.
Intercession promotes our concern for one another, some said.
Christina was a sickly girl; it was through the grace and intercession of a beloved local saint--who had lived in Cyprus more than one thousand years ago--that she was healed and able to walk again.
This book has lots of pictures, large print, short quotations from Pope John Paul II's writings, and several accounts of answers to prayers allegedly through the intercession of JP II.
From the wry, farcical baseball humor in "The Great American Novel" that builds up to the intercession of the House Un-American Activities Committee, to the cruel marital tragedy and treachery of "My Life as a Man", to the intriguing story of a smart and adventurous man pushing the bounds of erotic possibility in "The Professor of Desire", each classic work explores a different facet of the subtext constantly running beneath the human condition.