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As vast intercessor, she is essential to tikkun olam, the Hebraic words meaning "repair of the soul of the world.
Parsons and Honeycutt stress the importance of the queen's role of intercessor, and show how Esther and the Virgin were models.
Saint Michael is also recognized as a powerful intercessor against temptations and against powers of evil.
Nevertheless, the exhibited painting presents the saint not as a plague worker or intercessor but rather as a model of youthful asceticism, resting his arm on a skull and lovingly cradling a crucifix.
For example, none refer to Saint Blaise as an intercessor for the crusading cause--an indication that Western knights and clerics alike apparently ceased to regard him as such, if they ever truly did, after January 1098.
Therese, who had proven to be such a kind intercessor previously.
Leila de Lima told reporters that the intercessor was Go.
May our Lady of PeAaAaAeA~afrancia, our In be our model and intercessor.
In Dupuis, the peoples of Asia have a powerful new intercessor, who no doubt is even now urging on their behalf the compassion of the Lord Jesus, whom he loved, and loves, so much.
The basic point made by the author is that whereas Luther rejected all notion of Mary as intercessor, he nonetheless attributed to her the special function of one who directs the faithful to Christ.
Separate chapters treat Mary's motherhood, her role at the passion, and her function as intercessor and mediator.
And God said to him, "Each soul that comes before me brings with him an intercessor to plead for mercy.