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Having accepted Saint George as the protector of the crusading cause, Raymond reiterates the saint's role as a military intercessor when he presents his own version of events at Ramla: Upon news of our crossing of a nearby river, the Saracen inhabitants of Ramla abandoned their forts and arms as well as much grain in the field and harvested crops.
It seems credible to me that tribes from the Indus Valley civilization could have migrated northwest, along the way losing not only sacred books but also literacy, yet retaining the function and concept of a tribal intercessor which, with the loss of ceremonial literacy and stability, mutated into the non-rational manifestation we know today.
Hujwiri is also viewed as an important intercessor for many Sufis.
Ora Pro Nobis; the Virgin as intercessor in medieval art and devotion.
It may be that there are few theologians in Australia but words like salvation, advocate and intercessor need explaining.
And so, whereas in the Madonna di Foligno John the Baptist takes on the role of the intercessor, inviting the viewer to entrust himself to Mary and the Infant Jesus as Sigismondo de' Conti is doing, there is no need for such a character in the Sistine Madonna, for here the spiritual world opens out directly.
This understanding sparked a medieval practice of using votive candles in churches and at shrines that equaled the height of the intercessor.
I also know that you believe in God (I serve in the Church as intercessor).
And God said to him, "Each soul that comes before me brings with him an intercessor to plead for mercy.
In Dupuis, the peoples of Asia have a powerful new intercessor, who no doubt is even now urging on their behalf the compassion of the Lord Jesus, whom he loved, and loves, so much.
As a generative type who is sometimes supernaturally illumined in pictorial compositions, dreaming or lost in thought, symbolically identified with architecture and plants, guardian and intercessor, Joseph deserves more than a second glance.