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good and charitable, kind towards his community, tomorrow an intercessor who shall save from distress.
Ideal husband, nurturing father, industrious worker and provider, humble believer, all-powerful intercessor for Spanish kings and indigenous converts alike: St.
Crump, Jesus the Intercessor, 85-86, has a helpful discussion of "Forgive Whom?
He is a passionate worshipper, a discipler of men, a teacher and an intercessor.
St Augustine would have faced inwards towards the central panel of the polyptych and may have been the terminating figure on the left of the altar, although, equally, he could have been accompanied on the left by a fellow holy intercessor.
The portrait diptychs commissioned by men move away from the Virgin's incarnational role and emphasize instead her power as intercessor.
And like everyone, sooner or later, there were other difficulties that when we reflect upon them seem to qualify as the "present darkness" Paul spoke of--and where I for one, in retrospect, wished I had thought to call on our kick-butt defender as an intercessor, an angel-saint to aid in the fight for family, for wholeness, for justice in various situations.
The book considered here has a number of appendices: (1) A list of persons or things for which a saint is traditionally a patron or an intercessor.
The reader is reminded that "The intercessor cannot tell another's story until she gets in touch with her own story and sees the interconnections" (p.
To be sure, his determination to confess on his own, kneeling and praying without a human intercessor, is arguably more Protestant than Catholic, but the description of his position before God seems pointedly ecumenical--"merely Christian," to adapt Lewis's phrase.
Though the revolutionary and reform movements of the eighteenth century often appealed to the king as an intercessor, many suspected the crown of dispensing patronage or otherwise manipulating Parliament.
Not only are the students fascinated by the experience of holding a relic, they also gain a new intercessor in Heaven.