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Also, the intervention (intercessory prayer) only includes the IP provided by the intercessors, not the effect or result of communication with God.
The fear of harsh judgment and the impotence of all male intercessors ultimately culminate with Gratiano's frustrated questioning, "Can no prayers pierce thee?" As if on cue, Portia enters the courtroom as the unexpected answer to their prayers.
Brief stays did not allow enough time for subjects to be assigned to groups and for the intercessors to pray for the patients.
There was a shift to seeing the saints as intercessors, through whom the faithful could obtain their grace and favour.
It is therefore possible to identify two distinct sets of clerical attitudes towards these saints and their perceived role in influencing knightly piety: one that regarded the warrior-saints primarily as pious exemplars, the other that regarded them as potent intercessors. These two roles were not mutually inclusive and stemmed from variant interpretations of the lives and legends of the saints.
A group of members could be recruited, for example, to serve as the congregation's intercessors for a year and then meet during that year to deepen their understanding and experience of prayer.
He points out some of their problems they observed: the tension in religious images between an avenging God and the host of heavenly intercessors, the contradiction in parish life between Christ the life-giver and the clergy who took money from the poor for their services.
Many intercessors from all over the world stood up and prayed together for the nations.
Most important, the Twelver clergy emphasized their own role as intercessors between man and God--another major point of difference with the Sunnis--and they looked with disdain on the Safavid leaders' claims of divine access, though without openly challenging their patrons.
Ancestors serve as intercessors between the living and the supernatural worlds.
They particularly found problems with the fact that in existing studies intercessors have often been blind as to who they were praying for, and generally had little link with the prayer targets.
"We gather here in Washington, D.C., assembled by the will of a living God that Jesus Christ has been ordained to be the judge of this land," said Bergel, who is president of Intercessors for America.