interchange of information

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The meeting is being held as the OSCE commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Mediterranean Contact Group, an informal group comprising the six Mediterranean Partners for Cooperation with which the OSCE maintains special relations (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Morocco, and Tunisia), that meets periodically to facilitate the interchange of information and the generation of ideas.
We encourage the cooperative interchange of information and assistance in all matters of mutual interest, fostering social relationships and community involvement among our membership.
Some of the region's companies working on cloud computing are co-located with researchers and students, encouraging two-way interchange of information, data and ideas.
On the one hand enhanced faster and more direct interchange of information enables them to offer a better service to their customers and to progress networking with outside service providers and vendors in order to optimise the processes involved; on the other hand this entails offering larger targets for attackers with a concomitant necessity to identify locate and protect potential new weak points.
Carpenter: The complex interchange of information, especially in a digital environment, requires standardization to function.
Providing interchange of information and communication between the TASN Board of Directors, TASN members and TASN faculty advisors;
Table 8 shows the categories Interchange of Information, Negotiation, Leadership and Coordination.
Cooperation and exchanges should be used to develop the capacity of young people by facilitating the interchange of information among them.
More than just the interchange of information between automation devices would be possible.
IRTA provides a forum for the interchange of information and ideas for companies involved with transportation of frozen or chilled perishable products such as flowers, fruits, beverages, fish, meat, poultry, or dairy products.
In the future, the electronic interchange of information will be entirely paperless and automated.
This special form of conversational dialectic or give-and-take encapsulates one of Davidson's themes, that truth emerges from special forms of the social interchange of information.--Alex Orenstein, City University of New York.

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