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The guidance goes on to detail the type and amount of data that should be submitted to support a claim of interchangeability, most important of which perhaps is a requirement for switching studies.
The NGC+ working group defined the term interchangeability as "the ability to substitute one gaseous fuel for another in a combustion application without materially changing operational safety, efficiency, and performance or materially increasing air pollutant emissions.
Interchangeability would mean that, like generic small-molecule drugs, pharmacists would be able to switch out the innovator drug for the biosimilar, which would boost biosimilar sales with minimal marketing expense.
The term interchangeability is prevalent in the industrial production, in the engineering, electronics and informatics mainly, but its comprehensive research is absolutely unique in the mechatronic production area.
Fortunately the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) is working to address the lack of interchangeability and may be a catalyst to greater standards activities.
On-chip signal conditioning, coupled with CMOS technology and laser trimming, deliver a higher degree of sensor interchangeability and accuracy.
Utilizes CAD/ CAM, CNC machining for high tolerances, and EDM machining for quality, interchangeability and tight tolerances.
NGSA had asked FERC for three new standards: a minimum safe harbor national cricondentherm hydrocarbon dew point (CHDP) of 15 degrees Fahrenheit, new interchangeability specifications for pipelines, and implementation by pipelines of new tariff language requiring the non-discriminatory use of aggregation, blending and pairing.
LNG often has a higher concentration of heavy molecules than domestic gas, which makes both the condensation and interchangeability issues important.
This speeds design validation, and offers plug-and-play interchangeability.
MRO interchangeability offers the ability to upgrade and an advanced seal and wiper technology resists contamination and leaks.
In addition, the PDG had in-depth discussions among the three pharmacopeias and with the ICH Q4B Expert Working Group (EWG) on issues related to regulatory interchangeability of harmonized ICH Q6A general chapters.

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