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These interchangeability measures can ensure broad application of gas compositions to end uses and can be applied without discrimination of either end-users or individual suppliers in the United States.
Many interchangeability rules can be used for the structure of interchangeability concept directly; they can be implemented by these ways (Slimak, 2001):
Global standards are critical to interchangeability and interoperability.
Designs and builds close-tolerance multicavity injection molds featuring component interchangeability and steel size verification.
LTO is also an excellent solution for disaster recovery because of the interchangeability and large storage capacities.
To determine the interchangeability of the day-to-day imprecisions determined for the two types of materials, each pair of variances (corresponding to results obtained with the control material and the serum pool having similar values) was compared by the F-test.
While this procedure will allow interchangeability between good and bad genes in mouse stem cells for experimental purposes, the same techniques may be used in human bone marrow, which would make the change only in that individual.
It uses a standard 11-pin socket base for easy interchangeability.
com/), patented sandals that are stylish, comfortable and offer interchangeability.
This interchangeability will enable DME to be employed as a pipeline fuel alone, as a NG/DME mixture or as an LNG or high-Btu "adjustment gas.
Also new is a system that combines two heaters in one nozzle heater coil to provide redundancy in case one heater fails, while maintaining the same dimensions as previous Incoe nozzle heaters and interchangeability with those designs.
Universal gear case sizes are available from 02 to 11 for interchangeability.

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