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2618269 Products of laboratory thermally resistant glass (other than those with interchangeable cones)
Canon's EOS system debuted alongside the EF series of interchangeable lenses in March 1987 as the world's first fully-electronic mount system for film AF SLR cameras.
But bringing an interchangeable biosimilar to market won't be easy.
SchureMed also introduced its new concept in stirrup technology, the Great White Interchangeable Stirrup Boot System.
The agency initiative comes at a time in which there is a growing interest in biosimilars and interchangeable products in the pharmaceutical industry.
Signed earlier this month, the law authorizes a pharmacist who is filling a prescription for a biologic medication to select an alternative, interchangeable product as long as the prescriber doesn't indicate that a substition is not to be made.
The tablet series combine refined styling, incredible entertainment capabilities, and customizable functionality with interchangeable covers to enhance the tablet experience.
High Pheels are interchangeable skins for heels that, not only allows a wearer to simply change the color of their heels, but also provides more comfort by lining the inside of the heel with a moisture absorbing fabric; without any shoe modification.
Sony's 'Camera Reborn' Concept includes compact interchangeable lens camera with world's fastest release time lag; the NEX-7 is the fastest of any interchangeable lens digital cameras in the world
327 Federal Magnum is interchangeable with the H&R Magnum, S&W .
The Nikon 1 series will supposedly be priced between $500 and $1000, with the Japanese optics giant believing that its first mirrorless models would have the best success in that position, as compact interchangeable lens cameras (ILCs).
Osaka, July 28, 2010 - (ACN Newswire) - Panasonic Corporation today announced the development of the world's first*1 twin-lens digital interchangeable 3D lens for its LUMIX G Micro System*2.

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