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In higher temperature and higher pressure applications, the APV Hybrid series of welded plate heat exchangers stand out as an obvious choice for operation in areas such as wet crude heaters, lean-rich interchangers, sour gas coolers, amine re-boilers and acid condensers covering processes including crude stabilization, gas dehydration and gas sweetening.
Ekahau has been working with local partner Neomedia, the leading Spanish engineering company specialised in wireless infrastructure, since 2005 to create a solution that can track as many as 2000 buses through the transport hub's four underground transport interchangers, which are centres where the subway, buses and trains intersect for passengers to transfer between systems.
It changes gear itself, it has cruise control and a big stereo with a CD interchanger.
Operation of sounds, telephone and cruise control can be accessed via the steering wheel and those specifying the test car's Executive trim are treated to the likes of leather upholstery, a six-disc CD interchanger, heated seats, satellite navigation and electric sunroof.
My Pathfinder came with a DVD player, sat-nav and a six CD interchanger.
2-litre turbocharged engine, an electric panoramic sunroof, 7-airbags, a touchscreen 6-CD interchanger stereo, cruise control and a full leather interior for a very reasonable EUR24,370.
The interior is plush and quite purposeful with aggressively shaped bucket seats and a flat-top steering wheel although, oddly for such an expensive machine, the Becker Mexico stereo had fairly basic satellite navigation and no CD interchanger.
In HSE specification there's satellite navigation, cruise, an eight speaker CD interchanger, leather, wood and 19 inch wheels.
He found a way out through a rear fire door and stole a Panasonic CD interchanger, a Technic deck, a Calmclub pro-mixer and a Dennon CD player, worth a total of pounds 2,030.
Tenders are invited for Development Express Way Contruction Revised Safe Interchanger Between Noida-Greater Noida Express Way 45M Wide Master Plan Road And Service Road Infront Of Sector-128 Noida
Certainly, the standard kit isn't too shabby with the full array of safety kit, a CD interchanger, climate control and 17-inch alloy wheels.