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A similar architecture for intelligent agents is presented in [26], where various reasoning engines are employed as plug-in components, while agents intercommunicate via FIPA-based communication protocols.
In addition, significant quality of care and clinical risk management implications are associated with storing patient data on disparate clinical information systems that cannot intercommunicate.
Even if we agree that an open protocol is required to enable developers of different document delivery systems to intercommunicate, is the library-to-library transaction model still valid?
Proprietary software algorithm allows two welding robots at each welding station, welding 180[degrees] of pipe, to intercommunicate and synchronize the welding process without operator assistance.
five architecturally striking buildings that intercommunicate with each
com), a programming environment that enables the creation of websites that use the XML standard and intercommunicate via XML and HTTP, and online gaming software (http://www.
In the following decades, this PE acquired increasing importance as a lingua franca, enabling Melanesians from different parts of the multilingual territories of Vanuatu, the Solomons, and Papua New Guinea to intercommunicate.
Web pages combine multimedia and the ability to intercommunicate.
Where and how does music lodge within him, within me, within you; in how many and in which ways can he compose his discourses and intercommunicate thoughts about his composed-timesound expressive phenomena?
DCA manages information from instruments to control devices that intercommunicate with plant equipment.