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Natural and cultural reality, in other words, are very complex networks of feedbacking intercommunicating oscillations of natural and cultural forms.
Before the rise of a crisis, intercommunicating with other established sources is indispensable to guarantee coherent messages.
Thus Whitehead's picture of this present cosmos involves a complex web of intercommunicating, more or less localized acts of perception where each such act elicits an only more or less sensitive self capable of deploying natural powers capable of 'recognizing' relevant 'objects of significance.' As for what this last phrase might mean, it is enough to note here that an 'object of significance' does not refer to a bit of 'stuff in the 'classical' sense of a 'something' possessing clear and definite properties.
As mentioned by Michalopoules and colleagues, total intravascular migration might be developed most likely with erosion of the distal part of the stent into intercommunicating ovarian veins.
* Support for a number of intercommunicating screens, all using common data (Document/View Architecture), which allows multiple screens to be active simultaneously and for changes made on one screen to be immediately reflected elsewhere.
Diagnosis is based on histopathology, which shows nests of cuboidal or polygonal cells or intercommunicating tubuloalveolar structures lined with two or more rows of cuboidal cells, ductal structures composed of one or two rows of cuboidal cells.
Furthermore the relationship between MCS and Ubiquitous Information Interaction can be defined as, information senescing, storing, intercommunicating and processing by these microprocessor embedded devices and users mobile devices in non- interfering fashion.
Figure 10c indicating the cellular structure of AI10 shows that many of the cells remain no longer nonintercommunicating and sometimes they reveal an intercommunicating type of cellular structure.
We integrated different systems of University of Sindh (UoS) in one framework, since without the system i3 they could not work automatically for frequent intercommunicating. System i3 solved a major problem of the examination department in UoS.
could give the public the service that the interdependent, intercommunicating, universal system could give." The Kingsbury Commitment, a grand regulatory bargain reached in 1913, was followed by gradual consolidation, hastened by the temporary nationalization of the telephone system during World War I.
They proposed the following five histological criteria for diagnosis: 1) nests of cuboidal or polygonal cells; 2) intercommunicating tubuloalveolar structures lined with two or more rows of cuboidal cells; 3) ductal structures composed of one or two rows of cuboidal cells; 4) occasional keratinous cysts; 5) a matrix of varying composition.
Infection can spread from one ulcer to another as the foot has several intercommunicating compartments, and combined with sensory loss patients can continue walking on these infected ulcers further facilitating their spread [1].