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In alerting their respective authorities, they created a situation that was healthier than many services of intercommunion practised here and there, in Europe or in America, with the discreet and complicit silence of the ecclesiastical authorities.
Thus there remain significant differences that suggest that, in many cases, the time for intercommunion and the full communion it expresses is not yet here.
We caution that we have not discussed the implications that a recognition of valid Ministry would have for intercommunion or eucharistic sharing.
at least tends toward cultivation of the intellect; it at least recognizes that knowledge is something more than a sort of passive recognition of scraps and details; it is something and it does something which never will issue from the most strenuous efforts of a set of teachers, with no mutual sympathies and no intercommunion, of a set of examiners with no opinion which they dare profess, and with no common principles, who are teaching or questioning a set of youths who do not know them, and do not know each other, on a large number of subjects, different in kind and connected by no wide philosophy, three times a week, or three times a year, or once in three years, in chill lecture rooms or on a pompous anniversary" (147-48).
To justify the validity of intercommunion, Hall pointed to the obligation of Christian charity and the conviction that pedobaptists, being members of the true church, cannot lawfully be excluded from its communion.
The rule that cheats divorced Catholics from receiving the sacrament is, amazingly, one of those nondefinitive church laws, like those against artificial contraception, general absolution, and intercommunion, that can change at the drop of a crozi-er.
dominion" from the Hebrew root radah and "subdue" from khabash), explain a cogent panentheistic way of thinking about God in light of the new cosmology, and reflect on the interrelationship of the three Persons of the Trinity in parallel with ecological thinking about relationships, reciprocities, and intercommunion of Earth's diverse constituents.
He could even condone intercommunion with nonrationalistic Christians from the Reformed side.
Intercommunion should not be used as a means for achieving unity among Christians, but rather, should be a goal towards which we are striving, a result of the unity that we hope to achieve--a final expression of the unity we should one day share.
For example, the recognition of baptism performed by non-ordained persons or by ordained ministers considered not fully valid by another communion could lead to the mutual recognition of ordained ministry and to intercommunion.
As I just finished reading Meinrad Scherer-Emunds' article on the topic of intercommunion between Christians, it led me to ponder how I felt on the subject.

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