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Third, Zizioulas criticizes the term "intercommunion" as inept, considering that eucharistic communion can take place only in a fully united church.
Can we get to a point where intercommunion is a possibility?
The report of the commission on intercommunion presented to the Lund conference and commended by it to the churches for their study sets forth clearly the diversity of sacramental doctrine which prevents all the churches from favouring intercommunion.
Would not eucharistie hospitality, if not full intercommunion, strengthen our moral discernment as we continue to learn from one another?
I hope that the present work might actually have as a result a close intercommunion between the civilizations and cultures of Romania and Japan, that, at the first sight, seem diametrically opposed, but finally, we don't have to forget that they have the same existential core that characterizes the mankind.
In the 1830s and 1840s, High Churchmen, who emphasized the "catholic" (as in traditional) character of Anglicanism and felt threatened by the defections to the Roman Catholic Church, turned to the Eastern Churches for cooperation and possible intercommunion and, in 1865, the Eastern Church Association was formed to intensify the religious dialogue between the two Churches.
All pilgrims have a Pentecostal or Evangelical background; intercommunion between them is grounded in the engagement with the Holy Land in terms of establishing relationships between holiness and place.
Mark Chapman's The Fantasy of Reunion chronicles the projects of English-speaking churchmen who, in shifting alliances, sought intercommunion first with the Roman Catholic Church and then against it in an association of "national" churches.
Also introduced was what came to be known as the "Lund principle," whereby an invitation was issued to the churches urging them to consider doing "together all those things which their consciences do not require them to do separately." (26) Worship and intercommunion were advances made at some interchurch gatherings.
The intercommunion in BBS forum by releasing and replying posts, public sentiment and opinions is merged in these posts.
(27) The Anglican Church was for the first time dealing specifically with the issue of Anglicans seeking intercommunion with other denominations, a landmark in the history of mission and of Anglicanism.
This relates to the ancient Orthodox principle of koinonia, embraced by Russians of the Silver Age in the term sobornost, meaning intercommunion and conciliarity, as the basic principle of community.

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