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Interconnectedness among firms is widely recognized as one of the primary indicators of the susceptibility of institutions and markets to systemic risk.
In a lengthy address, Yellen summarized research that illuminates the benefits and risks produced by the vastly increased interconnectedness and complexity of 21st century financial markets.
Non-traditional and non-insurance activities are important, the IAIS noted, because the longer time frame over which insurance liabilities can normally be managed is not a necessarily a feature with non-insurance-type activities, and interconnectedness is important because there can be strong connections between the insurance and banking sectors.
But on the flip side, she notes, interconnectedness can lead to better self-policing and positive behaviors, such as fair labor practices.
The contributors include a geographer, historian, political scientist and an anthropologist who here emphasize their interconnectedness and detail the methods and nature of their different disciplines.
Contrary to what he may believe, I am aware of the interconnectedness of the British and Irish economies.
Much has been written about the interconnectedness of the world--a phenomenon driven home by the almost simultaneous uprisings this past winter across North Africa and the Mideast.
At the core of the successful collaborative models is the idea of interconnectedness among different firms and being location specific.
The criteria the FSOC would use to identify a troubled, systemically important "nonbank financial company" could include: 1) size, 2) lack of substitutes for the financial services and products the company provides; 3) interconnectedness with other financial firms; 4) leverage; 5) liquidity risk; 6) maturity mismatch and 7) existing regulatory scrutiny.
Stephen Mangan (top) steps into the detective's long coat to focus on the interconnectedness of all things, with his eccentric outlook on the world.
In the end these terrorists think our interconnectedness, our openness as modern countries, is what makes us weak.
The pivots may seem incongruous, but Werner infuses these songs with an amazing amount of soul and ownership, displaying an immense vision of music's interconnectedness.

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