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That interconnectedness is frequently felt when security teams stumble across troves of compromised data.
The need for additional research on interconnectedness provided the motivation for the Conference.
HRH the Premier praised strong social interconnectedness among the Bahraini people which is derived from the Arab and Islamic traditions and values.
Since the 2007-08 financial crisis, industrialized nations have enacted a multifaceted set of reforms meant to manage systemic financial, which is heightened by the increased interconnectedness of global markets.
The day's theme this year is 'Science for Global Sustainability Interconnectedness, Collaboration, Transformation," the U.N.
Francis who highlighted the interconnectedness and the beauty of all creation."
But, as we have seen from the prolonged global financial crisis, our interconnectedness carries grave risks of contagion as well as benefits.
The session addressed the challenges and opportunities inherent in the increasingly global geographic footprint of Islamic finance and also discussed the national and international initiatives that will ensure consistency and foster greater interconnectedness across key jurisdictions for Islamic finance.
Perhaps the strongest reason for the ongoing expansion and interconnectedness of international trade is the strong growth and integration of emerging market economies (EME); however the pictures for North America, Asia and Europe have key differences.
The largest consideration will be given, by far, not to size but to nontraditional insurance activities and interconnectedness, according to a breakdown of all factors released by the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) today.
The poll of 172 risk executives, conducted by Rudolph Financial Consulting, shows that 68% cited financial volatility as one of the top five emerging threats, while 42% selected failed and failing states and 38% cyber security and the interconnectedness of infrastructure.
Over the past 15 years, students in environmental education, teachers in-service programs or undergraduate face-to-face and Internet sustainability education courses have been exposed to pedagogy that leads to the development of interdependence and interconnectedness. This reinforces foundational concepts of ecology.

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