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Hitherto, the evidence of interconnectedness, mobility and long-distance interactions between north and south in the Bronze Age have been based mostly on similarities in forms, decorations and designs.
His thesis would be just a bit more compelling if he had not tried to tie so much importance to the single idea of "the interconnectedness of all things.
Concurring to the recommendation of increase of science and technology share in GDP Federal Minister emphasized that researchers, academia and private sector needs to show synergies and interconnectedness in their planning and execution.
The Committee hopes the study on interconnectedness and contagion will encourage further discussion of these issues and help guide the debate on future financial regulatory reform.
NEW YORK -- The Federal Reserve's "Enhanced Prudential Standards and Early Remediation Requirements for Covered Companies" proposal attempts to address interconnectedness between U.
Also, one might note that the problem of agencement, or arrangement, sometimes serves only as an umbrella term for analyzing the interconnectedness among various lexical and thematic patterns in the text.
Further, I might add that the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York demonstrated with horrendous clarity the true interconnectedness of the global economy.
Through them, without really thinking about it, we became aware of our interconnectedness in a way we hadn't been before.
Through it all there emerges a longing for answers, a willingness to experiment with multiple faiths and a basic intuition about "the interconnectedness of all things.
The current study provides a unique opportunity to fill a lacuna in the literature by exploring the interconnectedness of service-learning, undergraduate academic and social integration, and individual student persistence.
He seems to have been profoundly aware of the interconnectedness of living things, and to have harbored a deep (and quite understandable) unease at the destructive entropy hard-wired into human social networks.
The primary focus of the book is on migration as an economic and social process, and the interconnectedness between city and countryside as farming gave way to urbanization and industrialization within the region at the turn of the twentieth century.

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