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The agreement is related to the issuance by the National Telecommunications Commission of a memorandum circular providing for a reduction in the interconnection rate between the two networks.
ICT Chair Yap directed the NTC to look into the immediate lowering of the interconnection charges.
Interconnection provides direct and secure, physical or virtual connection between a company and its partners, customer and employees.
First, Japan's interconnection rates are already significantly higher than interconnection rates in other first world economies such as the US, UK, Germany and France.
Planning the interconnection: the organizations perform preliminary activities; examine technical, security, and administrative issues; and form an agreement governing the management, operation, and use of the interconnection.
side pointed out the usage of the Internet in Japan lags behind that in the United States because of high phone fees, which largely stem from high interconnection rates charged by NTT, a Japanese official said.
The 1996 Act, therefore, presented the Commission with a dilemma: whether the 1996 Act, which broadly governs interconnection between telecommunications carriers and LECs, applies to LEC-CMRS interconnection, thus granting jurisdiction over arbitration proceedings to state commissions, or whether section 332 of the 1934 Act reserves jurisdiction over LEC-CMRS interconnection for the FCC.
Kauffman argues persuasively, based on probabilistic considerations, that as a system's performance depends more and more on the interconnections among its parts, any small change in one of the parts is likely to lead to a catastrophic loss of fitness (the "complexity catastrophe").
Equinix, the global interconnection and data center company, today announced that it will open five new International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers on four continents to create more capacity for global companies to connect to their partners, customers and employees.
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