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Equinix has observed a critical business requirement driving demand for interconnection capacity the need to interconnect people, locations, clouds and data.
Establishing the interconnection: the organizations develop and execute a plan for establishing the interconnection, including implementing or configuring security controls.
The 1996 Act, therefore, presented the Commission with a dilemma: whether the 1996 Act, which broadly governs interconnection between telecommunications carriers and LECs, applies to LEC-CMRS interconnection, thus granting jurisdiction over arbitration proceedings to state commissions, or whether section 332 of the 1934 Act reserves jurisdiction over LEC-CMRS interconnection for the FCC.
I'm not sure just what it would mean in real-world terms for a firm to change the number of internal interconnections it possesses, because I'm not sure exactly what the "parts" of Kauffman's abstract entities should correspond to in an economic context.
His research interests include nanotechnology circuit design, high-speed VLSI interconnections, device physics and modelling, and semiconductor TCAD.
There is a shortfall in investment in interconnection capacity in Europe.
One of Washington's premier points of communications interconnection, the building hosts over 25 carriers today who have fiber using diverse points of entry into the building.
We believe using a hub solution is the best way to establish global MMS interconnection, and we look forward to connecting with many operator partners worldwide through our hub connection," he continues.
Digital Networks has evolved their solutions portfolio to include leading edge Resilient Ethernet and SAN Interconnection products.
Switch and Data, a leading neutral interconnection and colocation provider, today announced availability of its PAIX (Peering and Internet Exchange) Services in the Building Meet-Me-Room (BMMR) at 56 Marietta, Atlanta's premier carrier hotel.
The reason for such high levels of involvement in reviewing grid interconnections is that the stability of existing mature networks in Western Europe is paramount to that highly electrified region.
The iBasis DirectVoIP service enables carriers to quickly establish direct VoIP interconnections with the iBasis global network for the exchange of international phone calls using VoIP infrastructure equipment from a large selection of vendors.

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