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Equinix has observed a critical business requirement driving demand for interconnection capacity the need to interconnect people, locations, clouds and data.
Establishing the interconnection: the organizations develop and execute a plan for establishing the interconnection, including implementing or configuring security controls.
The 1996 Act, therefore, presented the Commission with a dilemma: whether the 1996 Act, which broadly governs interconnection between telecommunications carriers and LECs, applies to LEC-CMRS interconnection, thus granting jurisdiction over arbitration proceedings to state commissions, or whether section 332 of the 1934 Act reserves jurisdiction over LEC-CMRS interconnection for the FCC.
I'm not sure just what it would mean in real-world terms for a firm to change the number of internal interconnections it possesses, because I'm not sure exactly what the "parts" of Kauffman's abstract entities should correspond to in an economic context.

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