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We believe the lung herniation presented here was likely caused by a combination of events including denervation of muscle in the third intercostal space, resulting from distant VATS, and soft tissue damage from radiation.
The recommended site for the probe is the posterior axillary line, scanning the different intercostal spaces to establish the extent of the effusion.
By palpating inferiorly, one can locate the fourth intercostal space for placement of lead [V.
SAN FRANCISCO -- The ninth intercostal space in the left upper quadrant provides a safe alternative to umbilicus entry for laparoscopy when the patient has adhesions, Neena Agarwala, M.
At surgery, the chest cavity was entered at the left fourth intercostal space, and a large posterior mass occupying the upper portion of the hemithorax was visualized.
Additional circular intercostal space created by bifurcation of the left 3rd rib and its costal cartilage: a case report.
The cautery was used to open the intercostal space over the upper border of the lower rib.
The arm on the side of the exploration is positioned above the patients head in order to widen the intercostal space.

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