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A total of 114 plants from the 16 top families were intercrossed to produce Cycle 5 (FLMR5).
These plants were cloned and intercrossed in spring 1990 with a bulk harvest to produce FLMR6.
Additionally, similar results were observed for the selected parents and intercrossed offspring.
Plants with good progeny performance were selected for gray leaf spot resistance in 2000, intercrossed and the resulting progeny were evaluated in 2001.
All selections were transplanted to a common location and intercrossed to create the WFL-a89C population.
In 1992, 11 clones were selected for resistance to stem rust and intercrossed in two separate groups.
Each strain was intercrossed in the greenhouse by hand.
In the spring of 1997, 40 plants were selected based on large leaf size and high stolon density, and intercrossed by bees in the greenhouse.
The collected plants were potted, placed in a greenhouse, and intercrossed by bees.
After undergoing severe interplant competition and environmental stress, promising plants were selected and intercrossed to initiate subsequent cycles of recurrent phenotypic and genotypic selection.
Plants selected from Citation II or breeding populations used in its development were intercrossed and subjected to additional cycles of population improvement in both Oregon and New Jersey.