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And yet all of these are present in America and Americans, in syncretist, intercrossing as well as contentious formations.
Therefore, variation in ploidy mutants as new strawberry genetic resources is essential for breeding activities (Ulukan, 2011), excepted Ca 130-13, which can also be involved in crossing with lower ploidy or non-cultivated strawberry in intercrossing specific traits or in constructing synthetic polyploid as asserted by Sangiacomo and Sullivan (1994).
On the Various Contrivances by Which British and Foreign Orchids Are Fertilised by Insects, and on the Good Effects of Intercrossing.
Oser is adept at intercrossing several concepts at once to weave a complex tapestry, but the process can sometimes produce loose ends, sudden transitions, and too-rapid turns of thought.
TZSTRI109 to TZSTRI111 were developed from two synthetics (STR SYN-W and STR SYN-Y) developed by intercrossing four white-endosperm and four yellow-endosperm Striga resistant maize inbred lines, respectively (Kim et al.
Collaboration with the Fort Collins lab, for example, involves intercrossing populations of seedlings in the flowering/fruiting stage that are from specific sites in Kazakhstart.
Both are deeply political in their advocacy of liberation and cultural intercrossing.
And the dream was always the same: a great luxurious room full of intercrossing multicolored rays of light.
Most likely, however, change in the frequency of TX genes will occur primarily due to chance, at least during the early generations of intercrossing.
2] generation produced by intercrossing two inbred mouse strains, Small (SM/J) and Large (LG/J).
In 1987 he received seeds of this breed and, along with Navazio, began intercrossing these cucumbers with typical U.
The extent to which distinct positions rely on intercrossing rhetorical patterns is, however, perhaps best seen in poems specifically situated in cross-cultural contexts.