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VLs can be temporarily raised for up to a month after intercurrent infection or vaccination.
If injury recording is kept current and documented as to disposition and status (injury surveillance), and intercurrent health history obtained and updated, the entire PPE process would not have to be repeated every year.
Four of 29 pts developed grade 3/4 DVT (requiring Rx discontinuation in 2 pts), 2 additional patients discontinued Rx due to intercurrent infection, and 1 patient died from sepsis.
Studies seldom control for the acute-phase response or the effect of intercurrent inflammatory conditions (e.
The typical low baseline concentrations of both CRP and SAA are rather constant for each individual, with occasional higher values probably reflecting responses to intercurrent subclinical events (9,10).
Conversely, selected patients with breast cancer shown to contain gene amplification may not be candidates for CAF therapy due to pre-existing or intercurrent medical illnesses.
Patients were asked about the present medication and changes in their medication and intercurrent disorders since the initiation of PPI therapy, and an electrocardiogram was recorded.
Two of 33 patients developed grade 3/4 DVT, 2 additional patients discontinued chemotherapy due to intercurrent infection, and 1 patient died from sepsis.
Treatment was continued until progression of disease, unmanageable toxicity or intercurrent illness occurred, or until the patient decided to terminate treatment for any other reason.
21,22) Diabetic patients on metformin with normal renal function at baseline but with other comorbidities, such as liver or cardiac dysfunction, should stop metformin before receiving contrast and may resume 48 hrs afterwards if patient has no other intercurrent risk factors for renal damage.
1) Moreover, statistical analysis has shown intercurrent disease to be the prevalent cause of death in older patients with medical comorbidities rather than the RCC.

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