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section]) Three additional animals were culled before the end of the experiment because of intercurrent illnesses; all were negative for brain PrPres by using Western blot.
The presence of intercurrent disease introduces competing additional influences on MCV and MCH which may obscure an effect that might be observed when only healthy individuals are considered.
Exclusion criteria were intercurrent infection, renal impairment (serum creatinine >2.
In cases of intercurrent uterine fibroids in infertility, a fibroid is typically located in a submucosal position and it is thought that this location may interfere with the function of the lining and the ability of the embryo to implant.
Reactions may occur spontaneously or may be precipitated by intercurrent infections (viral, malaria etc.
Vitamin A and Vitamin E deficiencies or any cause of immuno-suppression such as stress or intercurrent disease, excessively dry or abraded feet in water birds, heaviness and inactivity, unhygienic condition, constantly standing on the same diameter perches and puncture of metatarsal pad by an overgrown claw of first or hind digits predisposes to bumble foot infection (Cooper,1976).
A collegial conversation between two Australian homoeopaths covers the management and treatment of some challenging cases of children with allergies and eczema, and reveals some of the most contemporary methods currently in use: using constitutional homoeopathic treatment with intercurrent aetiological remedies; anti-inflammatory remedies like Apis, Ars, Cham and Nux vom; and the work of homoeopath Jon Gamble on obstacles to cure.
In the second scenario the washout may be slow, such as in cases with compromised hepatocellular function or intercurrent disease, requiring longer delays of up to 24 hrs.
1) Moreover, statistical analysis has shown intercurrent disease to be the prevalent cause of death in older patients with medical comorbidities rather than the RCC.
Ramona Popescu presented an interdisciplinary study protocol for determining the incidence of intercurrent and opportunistic infections in rheumatologic patients undergoing treatment with biologic agents.