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Of the 75 churches surveyed, 66 responded comprising of 41 denominational, 8 interdenominational, and 17 non-denominational.
Proceeds from the event will go toward funding an interdenominational camp ministry in Bulgaria.
The names of the 92 police officers and other members of staff were read out during the interdenominational service and candles were lit to represent each of their lives.
Whelchel is a pastor, civil rights activist and professor of church history at the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, Georgia.
Thomas University of Florida (USA) for creating interdenominational Ecumenical Institute.
They will be interdenominational, including Church of England, Roman Catholic and nonconformist clergy as well as a Humanist celebrant.
ANDREW'S HALL STAFF, along with other Presbyterians in the Vancouver area, took part in the Winter Olympics--whether as official "blue-jacket" volunteers or as Christians rallying together in interdenominational outreach.
They say the practice of interdenominational "sheep stealing" threatens Christian unity in a state where Christians already face violence.
Formed in 1996, the ECC is an interdenominational group of Christian volunteers coming together from several churches in Bahrain "seeking to bring a smile to the faces of the unfortunate."
20 that the Full Gospel Interdenominational Church has no right to include proselytizing material in the same space where a small post office is maintained
A working session on Thursday will kick-start the interdenominational service for patients at Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust buildings.
Young seeks to explain historically and sociologically how it came to be that during the 1830s Protestant evangelicals began organizing themselves into interdenominational societies aimed at reforming American moral and social life.