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There is a team of caring visitors in each church who are trained and supported with debriefing meetings and interdenominational education.
Governmental and social functions typically begin and end with an interdenominational Christian prayer delivered by an ordained minister, cleric, or church official.
When Church & State magazine covered the event, Merritt said, "We knew that it was going to be an interdenominational event, but we had no idea that the luncheon was hosted by Moonies.
The service will open with an interdenominational service of prayer, music and reflection.
The year-round interdenominational Christian camp ministry provides 25 percent of its services to the urban and at-risk youth population and 75 percent to year-round rental groups, serving 600 at-risk youth annally through five, one-week resident camp sessions.
Organisers of the interdenominational event have decided the cross should remain empty as it would have been 'tacky' to have someone playing Christ.
Shepherd identifies seven major "avenues of faith" Richmond Protestants followed as they engaged their city: religious diversity (in worship style and theological ideas), interdenominational cooperation (principally among Protestants), pastoral specialization, organizational efficiency, lay leadership by both men and women, innovation (in worship among other areas), and social Christianity.
The interdenominational event was attended, among others, by the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr.
The future of the church lies in collaborating with lay people, and the present program is one such 'stepping stone' for lay, intercultural, and interdenominational collaboration," says Jesuit Arulanandam Elango.
Meanwhile, leading churches have held an interdenominational ceremony in Bern's city cathedral to pray for peace and religious tolerance.
It is modeled on and, in part, a response to "Dabru Emet: A Jewish statement on Christians and Christianity" published in September of 2000 and signed by an interdenominational group of scores of Jewish scholars -- which states that "it is time for Jews to learn about the efforts of Christians to honor Judaism.
AN interdenominational service of prayer was held in Belfast's St Anne's Cathedral yesterday.