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Thus, increased specialization leads to interdependence (Thompson 1967; Galbraith 1973).
Since its founding in 2001, Operation Interdependence, OI, has become one of the fastest growing volunteer organizations in the U.
This early commitment, developed in advance of experiencing our "fog of war," established a foundation of confidence and created a culture of interdependence throughout both units.
Contact Amanda Lichtenstein Global Interdependence Center 215-238-0990 alichtenstein@interdependence.
Interdependence means Army and ground fighters passing intelligence to Air Force controllers who call loitering airpower for strikes.
Nye, "International Interdependence and Integration" in Fred Greenstein and Nelson Polsby (eds.
Hypotheses 2b: The higher the output interdependence of a foreign subsidiary, the greater will be the use of third-country nationals as subsidiary managers.
Turki, a former Saudi intelligence chief and envoy to Washington and London, said the United States, the world's biggest energy consumer, should put aside the rhetoric of energy independence and instead recognize interdependence of energy producers and consumers.
And yet the Anglican Communion, Carey noted in his own talk in Houston, had been moving from provincial autonomy to closer interdependence for well over a century, backed by repeated resolutions of the Lambeth Conference.
Interdependence both makes possible and also grows from what I call Spherical Situation Awareness--the full integration of all pertinent information from the net.
12) In response, some taxpayers suggested adopting the "functional interdependence test" applied for purposes of section 263A(f) in determining whether and how much interest to capitalize in connection with a capital improvement project.
Recovery from trauma, whether individual or collective, involves a growing awareness of the connectedness, or interdependence of everything and everyone.