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The Interdependence campaign will raise retail investor awareness of the merger and position the Camber Lineal Star merger as a forward-thinking and innovative investment.
networks of interdependence in the short term, incentives to do so will strengthen in the longer run.
Only a genuine interdependence can ensure sustainable peace in the region.
al-Zayani said that the European stability, development and prosperity was achieved by the implementation of the principle of interdependence among European countries, supported by common goals and values, through the interdependence and integration of European organizations, and networks, the natural infrastructure linking countries and peoples, roads, railways, joint energy networks, border trade supply terminals, and the unprecedented levels of intraregional trade have made European nations and peoples more eager to care for the sustainability of peace, cooperation and prosperity.
We-talk is an indicator of interdependence and general positivity in romantic relationships."
Fourth, enhanced multilateralism: With increased connectivity, trade and economic interdependence, BRI is likely to integrate Asia, Africa and Europe into a mega economic zone never seen before.
When positive interdependence is established, students are more likely to promote one another's success, instead of competing with or ignoring one another.
But what does it mean in an era of economic interdependence? Is such a policy even still possible?
The participating countries are tied by geographical proximity and a perpetual interdependence based on age old civilizational heritage as well as geo-economic links of trade, tourism and culture spread over centuries.
Speaker National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq had proposed during the 2nd meeting of Eurasian Parliaments' Speakers held in Seoul to host this conference of speakers from the six countries to address the challenges of terrorism and inter-regional connectivity with a core vision of promoting dialogue and interdependence among the regional stakeholders which are key precursors of a prosperous society upon which rests the whole paradigm of sustainable development of coming generations
With the establishment of modern nation-state system, international interaction and consequent interdependence became more organised, bound by legal procedures and largely difficult.
In the organizational context, a strong interest interdependence exists between power holders (i.e., leaders) and their counterparts (i.e., subordinates), whereas interest interdependence between strangers is weak in the social context (Lin, 2014).