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The Speaker of the National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq had proposed during the 2nd meeting of Eurasian Parliaments' Speakers held in Seoul to host this Conference with a core vision of promoting dialogue and interdependence among the regional stakeholders.
As the nation-state system kept on evolving and becoming more rigid, the international interdependence assumed as somewhat unidirectional nature.
Task interdependence is a key factor defining work pattern, information flow, and communication style in the workplace (Lin, 2014).
Instead of accumulating more and more weapons, it is better to have economic interdependence so that everybody will win," he said.
This new membership model allows us to enhance and build upon our already strong interdependence with the leagues.
Editors Dworok and Jacob present readers with a collection of academic essays selected from contemporary research into the field of military history examining the interdependence between technology and warfare from a variety of regional perspectives.
The Global Interdependence Center is a Philadelphia-based nonprofit organization that seeks to stimulate thoughtful, global dialogue on a wide range of issues that affect the international community, including economics, health care and government.
Two limitations of lab studies to generalizing findings to the field are that (1) lab studies contain interdependence that differs from reality and (2) in the field people lack knowledge about their objective interdependence with others and must infer their interdependence.
While there are many aspects to interdependence (such as interoperability of communications platforms, integration of assets, and communication between leaders and staffs), one specific action enables successful implementation of interdependence more than any other--the proper selection and utilization of a liaison officer (LNO).
Economic interdependence was supposed to defuse geopolitical tensions over time - or at least allow the two to be compartmentalized," he writes.
Abu Dhabi: The former US president Bill Clinton asked the young university graduates to positively define the term interdependence as they are
Studies have shown that task interdependence and task autonomy are crucial to employees who work in teams because they shape the extent to which team members must rely on fellow coworkers for resources or the extent to which team members feel free to act on their own accord (e.